Whitesburg KY

Cold weather is coming


Hello everyone, I hope all have enjoyed the nice November weather. Cold weather is fast approaching.

As I get older, Veterans Day seems to be more special each year and I believe veterans should be thanked more than once a year. I want to thank my family members that have served in the military including my dad, Dr. Varon Campbell; my brother, John Campbell; my nephew, Michael Campbell; Mike’s brother, Curt Wenning; and Mike’s grandfather, Anthony Heitkamp.

There are a lot of uncles and cousins that have served in the military and are in the military, and I thank them also.

Karen Day was in the hospital for a week. She’s home now and doing well. She had to be in the hospital over her birthday.

Shirley and Mike Harris of Tinsley, Miss., were in for a few days. They worked on their place on Cowan. They spent most of their time working and didn’t get much visiting in this trip. It was good seeing them. The metal roof on their place looks good.

My aunt, Thelma Ison of Flemingsburg, was in the hospital for a few days. She’s feeling much better. I’m glad she’s better.

Michael Campbell of Newport and Addison Marr of Berea came in to visit John Campbell. They did go to the hospital to visit Faye Campbell. Janis Marr of Berea met them at the hospital so Addison could go back home after spending time with her Pa.

Michael and Addison went across the Little Shepherd Trail with their papaw, Glen Brown of Whitesburg. They had a good trip.

Mike and I went to Breaks Interstate Park one afternoon. It was a great trip. I walked out to two of the overlooks. Going down the steps is a lot easier than coming back up the steps. I was breathing hard after doing the steps. I took a lot of pictures of this trip.

For my birthday, my sister, Susan Ware of Lexington, gave me a ticket to The Price Is Right. The show will be in Cincinnati in March. I’m looking forward to this trip.

Our favorite NFL team has always been the Bengals but they aren’t doing well this year. Two of our sons, Mark and Brad, went to the Bengals football game because they had received free tickets. I saw on social media that a high school classmate was at the same game because he had free tickets. It’s sad when the tickets are given away free so someone will attend. I’m hoping the Bengals do better next year.

It’s about time to think about writing letters to Santa. Here is the address that goes to Santa:

Santa Claus, P.O. Box 1, Santa Claus, Ind. 47579. If the letter is received by December 20, a reply will be sent from Santa. A legible return address needs to be enclosed in the letter or on the envelope.

The social media quote of the week is attributed to Charles B. Rangel: “Honoring the sacrifices many have made for our country in the name of freedom and democracy is the very foundation of Veterans Day.”

Have a great week and stay warm.

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