Whitesburg KY

Cold wind blowing in southern Ohio

Hello everyone! Grab that hot cup of beverage and let’s sit down and chat for a while! With the weather so unpredictable in the Ohio Valley area, you can’t make plans right now.

We had a few bad days with rain that turned into freezing rain, and then snow. At the time of this writing we have about an inch of new fallen snow on the ground with a predictions of more this afternoon.

I made sure that I had soup and crackers and the necessities for a few days so I wouldn’t have to get out in the bad weather.

Over the weekend we had some bone chilling wind, and I believe it was the worst I have felt in several years. I pulled my car in the lane and was only out for a few minutes. As I said, it was simply bone chilling, but we only got about an inch of snow in this area.

I bought a couple of cans of Carnation cream to make snow cream. The wind blew the snow so there wasn’t enough to make snow cream after all.

Southern Ohio

Schools have been closed for several days due to the weather. Growing up at Roxana I never remember schools being closed, we just got dressed and went to school. It is a miracle that some child didn’t freeze to death. I never knew what a pair of gloves was. I have put socks on my hands, and of course my coat was someone’s handmedown.

The only thing I ever remember getting new was new shoes and that was a new pair when school started.

My daughters called to see if I was warm enough. Thank goodness for a furnace. I checked my propane and the gauge sure has moved quite a lot since I had the tank filled. Usually I can get by with buying one tank, but not this year as I will have to order another before too long.

I turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees at night as I use my electric blanket.

My granddaughters Jodi and Jennifer Gray gave me a robe with a hoodie attached, and a small throw combination. I have never seen a robe with a hoodie. If it wasn’t for hurting their feelings I would take it back and exchange it, oh well I will get used to it.

I have enough robes, house shoes and throws to supply several people. In fact, I have given several throws to a place for homeless people. My house shoes will fit a child, so surely someone can get some use out of them as they are new.

When I am home I wear my socks and never think about putting on my house shoes. When I go into someone’s home I take my shoes off and again, walk in my socks.

I hear that eastern Kentucky has been getting a fair amount of cold and a little snow also.

Across the hayfield from my house it is so white with just a few pieces of brown grass sticking through. There are a couple of large cedar trees that show their beautiful green color, but everything else is barren except the snow on the ground.

This is the only time that I can see a house that was built a few years ago. That would be my kind of living where no one could see or I couldn’t see anyone.

I will say again, I am so thankful that almost 45 years ago my husband and I bought this place I call home. I hope it stays in the family a long time after I am gone.

When I let my thoughts travel back to that young girl who left the mountains of eastern Kentucky to become a wife and a mother, who didn’t have anything except a few personal belongings. Should I decide to move back to the mountains, I would need a couple of semi trucks to haul all that I have accumulated all through the years.

God has been good to me down through the years. I’ve often said what God didn’t give me in brains, He gave me in guts to do things.

I have worked when I was so sick I could hardly stand on my feet because I didn’t want to ask for help. I can sleep at night knowing I have never taken a penny from anyone, or used anyone for anything. Even though my health is bad, I still manage to work a couple of days a week. I can always look around and find someone that is worse off than me.

Even though I can’t eat what I want, and oh how I crave certain things, I am not confined to a feeding tube or an oxygen tank. I am able to get in my car and go when the weather permits.

My daughter Kay will bring me a television stand when the weather permits so I will have a bigger screen to watch. Why, I won’t know how to act. I may just feel like I am living in high cotton, I’ve used a 21-inch television for so long.

Johnny and Ann Calihan’s daughter Sue Wagner is still with them. Sue finally was able to get an iron infusion, and will have to get another this week then she will be heading back to South Carolina.

I know Johnny and Ann really enjoy when Sue is here with them. Sue’s husband Tom had to change locations due to his job a few years ago. Tom’s parents live here locally and they aren’t in the best of health. It is hard for Sue and Tom living so far away.

I talked to Pat Wagner for a little while, and she is doing some better. Les is impatiently waiting until it gets warmer so he can start getting the garden ready.

Sunday there was an annual music event not far from me, but with the weather being bad I decided not to go. I am becoming a recluse and not wanting to get out to do anything. If it wasn’t a have-to case I wouldn’t even go to the grocery store at times.

Mike and Marcia Caudill, I hope the weather is good in March, as I want to come for the first square dance. I really miss coming there.

I don’t remember if I thanked everyone for the beautiful Christmas cards, so thanks to everyone for your kindness.

Well as usual I let the time slip upon me. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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