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Coleene Hart, Doris Bentley win ribbons

Hello again to all my good friends out there everywhere. I’m glad to meet up with you as wherever I go someone or someones tell me they read my news and really enjoy it.

I’m glad, but are you just seeing what we seniors at Ermine are up to? I hope so, as we are still recycled teenagers.

We have had two new seniors join our group. They are Juanita Banks and Ruth Gibson. We’re glad you ladies came and joined our center, and are sure pleased you are enjoying it. Welcome, ladies.

Tuesday was our Bingo day, and we had some very nice prizes. Coleene does a good job buying different items for the game.

Bob Mayhew has started coming back some since he lost his wife, Flo.

Hey Charles Day and Shirley, we’re glad you both are getting back in the groove and are back with us.

Oh, I almost forgot. We have a new man coming to our center, but I don’t know his name yet, but I will. You know me, I’ll just walk up and ask him who he is. That’s the way to find out, isn’t it?

Thursday our site manager, Debbie Slone, took us to Hazard to the college for the Golden Arts Show. Coleene Hart won a blue ribbon (first place) for her rhubarb/strawberry preserves, and third place for a poem she’d written.

Doris Bentley won first place, a blue ribbon, for her pickles. They sure looked good.

We had some really nice entertainment there. They were The Big Sandy Singers from Prestonsburg, and the Big Sandy Community and Technical College. There were six women and seven men, and could they entertain. They were wonderful. Laura Ford Hall was the director. Some of our group bought their CDs.

When we left the college, we went to Ponderosa for lunch. Last week in my news I said we were eating at the Golden Corral. Oops, I goofed, didn’t I? But that’s okay. Did you catch that?

After lunch we went shopping at J. C. Penney’s and some went to Goody’s. I told Debbie she was spending David’s money and Ann John’s, but that was just fine as their husbands weren’t along with them to say “no.” Just kidding.

Don’t forget Veterans Day on Thursday, Nov. 10, at the Veterans Memorial at 1 p.m. Go out and support our veterans as they have done so much for us. They keep our country safe.

Short news this week, but all you seniors stay good and pretty.

God bless until next time.

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