Whitesburg KY
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Colleen Cornett has an eagle eye for spotting dryland fish


Hello again Another week has passed and here I am again.

Everything at the center is about the same. We visit, we sew, and we eat.

Everyone is talking about how beautiful the trees are, so bright and colorful. I especially like the lilacs.

As we drive around we see so many gardens. Lots of things are starting to grow now, and the flower gardens are coming alive too.

We had our Easter dinner and gift exchange on Tuesday. Some people were very generous with their gifts.

On the way to pick up Eulah Miller, we got to talking about dryland fish. As we turned around at her gate, ‘Eagle Eyes’ Colleen Cornett spotted some from the van window. Now that is a real mushroom hunter.

Eulah Miller had been visiting her grandbaby in Nashville, Tenn., and was tired, but came to the center anyway. We were glad to see her back.

Everyone had some sort of celebration planned for Easter. I had planned a little get together for Saturday with food, egg hunting, games and lots of laughs.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday.

Remember what Easter is all about — and that is love. So show your love to those you care about, and don’t just assume they know you love them. Tell them.

I’d better cut this short. I have lots to do tomorrow. Have a great weekend and eat a chocolate bunny ear for me.

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