Whitesburg KY

Color solar lights rival fireworks

Southern Ohio

Merry Christmas everyone!

It seems as if people are celebrating Christmas in July! In all reality Christmas will be here before we can say Jack Sprat as Mom used to say!

The weather has been sort of chilly for this time of year, I thought it might snow. Really it has been wonderful weather. Summer will be over way too soon to suit me.

Did you have a good Fourth of July? I hope everyone was safe with the fireworks. I can sit on my front porch to see the fireworks from Harrison Community Center, except for the low ones. This time it didn’t seem as if they were as pretty as in former years.

There were several people in private homes that were setting them off that were very pretty.

I had two sets of solar lights that I didn’t have the foggiest idea how to put together. My son Keith is home for a while so he put the lights together for me. They are so beautiful that I could hardly watch the fireworks as I kept looking at the changing colors of the solar lights.

When I used to go across Cowan Mountain to visit my brother Richie and Wanda Hall, I would pass a house that had green solar lights. I used to tease Wanda and tell her I was going to stop and grab one. When I found out it was Wanda’s cousin Marlene and her husband Tommy that lived there, it was too funny.

If I could afford it I would have solar lights all around my fence and probably all over the yard.

Keith made a birdfeeder and hung it on a tree in front of the house. It has been a long time since I’ve had a birdfeeder, and I am enjoying this very much. My sweet departed friend Gwen Huff Farmer had birdfeeders for hummingbirds. Sometimes she would have over 25 hummingbirds at one time; that was just at one feeder.

Now you know what I like in my spare time. I have also been seeing a couple of deer in the field next to my house.

Belated happy birthday to James Ison. I tried to tell James I was getting old as I almost forgot to wish him happy birthday! James is a training to be a volunteer firefighter, I think. James and John are my young readers and I appreciate them so much.

Congratulations to John as he received an award in school for being such a good student.

Les and Pat Wagner had a very quiet holiday, I bet Les enjoyed ripe tomatoes. I sure hope he shared some with Pat.

It looks as if Don Wagner is going to have to move closer so he can share his tomatoes with me.

Larry Hasty is slowly improving a tad bit due to his hip replacement. I miss seeing Larry, Becky, Polly, Kelly, along with Les and Pat.

I haven’t been to Hunter’s Pizzeria in quite some time to see Tony Hale and Blackwater Bluegrass Band.

I’ve missed several shows of Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers. Actually I haven’t been going anywhere for quite some time.

I finally got to talk to Pauline who lives in Naples, Fla. It was such a great conversation with Pauline.

I haven’t talked to Glenora Eldridge in some time. I hope she and Kenneth are doing alright.

Hello to Bill and Betty Kelly. I have really enjoyed talking to Betty as we can find so much to laugh about.

I received a surprise phone call from Shirley Wells’s daughter Dotty Graff. Dotty had to come to the northern Kentucky area for some classes due to her job. Dotty and I are going to meet for the first time this afternoon. I am so excited. I will tell you more next week.

I talked to Doyle and Betty Ison. They are both doing alright, and enjoying the warm weather for a change.

Saturday, Polly Maucher hosted a reunion at the New Trenton Fire Department. Johnny and Ann Calihan attended this event. Ann said there were over a hundred people there. Polly asked me to come. I felt bad so I didn’t go.

Ann said there was enough food to feed an Army. I am so sorry I didn’t get to hold Michael Ison’s hand.

Well, I have waited to the last minute to get this out.

So until next time.

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