Whitesburg KY

Colson Center has many events planned this week

I hope everyone had a blessed week.

Arthur and Joyce Ann Sergent had company. Two of her brother Doug’s grandchildren were visiting and then her niece came and picked them up. Later Denny and Carol’s son Mark Hall came in. They enjoy their family and love every one of them. I enjoyed seeing Joyce at the wedding on Saturday.

Our grandsons, Jared and Ethan Isaacs, went home last Thursday. Their mom, Jennifer came on Wednesday and spent the night with her parents, Tommy and Betty Stansberry. We sure miss them.

The wedding of Ronnie Dotson and Gina Hall was so lovely. The bride was radiant and the bridegroom was so handsome. We wish them many years of happiness. My granddaughter, who is Gina’s cousin, was one of the attendants, Amanda Holbrook. Another cousin, Jessica Spicer, was an attendant, Mandy Wright and Willa Johnson were also, I didn’t know the others but they were all lovely.

Ronnie and Gina went on a cruise for the honeymoon and I’m sure they enjoyed it. Gina has been our neighbor all her life and will still live at Deane. She teaches at Letcher Elementary. Her parents are Eugene and Kathy Hall and her grandparents are Charlie and Wilma Holbrook.

Coolie and Janice Baker and Kathy and Jimmy Adams have been on a cruise and also spent a few days in Myrtle Beach. They are home and we are glad they had a safe trip.

My brother Warren Douglas and his grandson, Jagger, were up on Thursday. He brought all kinds of garden stuff. He lives in Clay City. His wife, Judith, is very sick so he only makes a day trip. We love them and are praying for them.

I talked to Claudia Banks this week. She got her family’s military information to me. Thanks so much, Claudia.

Our neighbor, Gobel Hall, died last week. His funeral was Sunday. He left a wonderful testimony. We love all his family. Carol Sue and all of their family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Get well wishes for Willie Perry, Ronnie Morgan and all others who are sick. Zandra says Willie continues to improve. I know she takes good care of him.

Please remember Sue Hill, Bubby Vance and Allie Wright in prayer. Randy Elswick has been in the hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Ronnie Bowens was treated royally on his birthday this past week. Nanny cooked a feast for him and the family. Joann said they had a good time. Ronnie, we wish you many more.

Greg, Sharon, Amanda, Jason, Tina and Rylee Holbrook, Ron, Georgia, Danny and Joseph Holbrook, Johnny, Anita and Jessica Spicer, Wilma Ratliff , Steve, Jamie, Zack, Tyler and Mason Hall were all here for Gina and Ronnie’s wedding. Sharon spoiled her dad with a big country breakfast. He says the only time he ever gets a good breakfast is when she’s home. Wilma, Charlie, Kathy and Eugene were happy that most of the family were home.

Colson Center has many events this week. Be sure and come by and see what’s happening. Glenda, don’t forget you are coming over.

May God bless everyone.

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