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Colson Center to host Derby party

The Colson Senior Center hosted a 2010 Census party on Friday. We had 70 sign in, but many more were there. A big thank you to all who came.

Everyone received nice gifts from the Census Bureau. Miss Sluss did a marvelous talk about what being counted means to all of Letcher County.

Make sure you are counted. Not only does it help our county, but our family history will also be there for future generations to find. Genealogists love the Census. There will be forms available at different locations, and also a person will be coming around. There will be no questions aboyt your banking.

Do not give your Social Security number out to anyone. The Census taker will not ask for it. If in doubt about the Census taker, call the number on her badge.

Anna Belle Wright has a campaign dog, and I want one. She is so much fun. I also saw our classmates, Betty Caudill Newman and Marvelline Webb Quillen. They look good. I wish Bill Jarrett could have been with us.

Our center is hosting a Derby party on April 30. Guys and gals, we will have a horse race to the finish line, and have a hat contest. You have to make your hat — you can’t go out and buy one — so get busy!

Oh, I promise you will not fall off the horses we will have available. You know horses are scarce in Letcher County, but we have found a few that are willing and able.

Don’t forget the Golden Girls Pageant for the Relay for Life. It’s coming soon.

Two of my nephews have been in West Virginia with the Rescue and Recovery teams. Pray for all the families. They are hurting, and so are all who have a loved one in the mines. My nephew delivered supplies to that mine and knew all the men.

Pray for Adam Redden, Jimmy Adams and Tony Benton, those are my three nephews. So many others were also involved, and we can’t forget them. My sister Anita lives in Beckley and knew a lot of the miners’ families. One of Anita’s coworker’s stepdaughter coaches a girls’ softball team. Six girls on her team lost their fathers.

If you don’t go to one of our centers you are missing out on so much fun. Please try and attend when you can. We have the best cooks, so I know you will get a good meal, and think of all the friends you will see. We play games, do arts and crafts, walk, talk and many other things. We miss you when you don’t come by.

So many of our friends need prayer this week. I will name a few, Freda Mc- Fall, Vernell Mullins, Stella Elam, Opal Banks, Teda Belle and Ms. Johnson, Joyce and Arthur Sergent.

Visiting with Clester and me this weekend was our daughter Sharon, Greg, Amanda and Rylee Holbrook, all from Richmond.

They also visited Greg’s parents, Charlie and Wilma Holbrook, Brian, Nikkia and Brooke Lucas, Coolie and Janice Baker, Edsel, Carol and Kaylee Baker.

Hope to see you at the center this week.

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