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Colson seniors attend March Madness

Greetings from the Colson Center.

Colson is planning some wonderful activities, and we would like for all the seniors to join us in our ventures this spring.

First of all, we had our March Madness party at Kingscreek with about 110 people in attendance. Judge Ward took time out of his busy schedule to join us, as he usually tries to do. Thanks to some fine young men for being our judges for all our activities. The judges were: Derek Barto, Jamie Hatton and Don Mc- Call. All centers won nice gifts.Th

ank you, Judge Ward, Bobby Lewis and Keith Adams, for the beautiful gifts you donated to give for prizes. Our director, Trenda Kincer, went all out for Big Blue with the seniors.

Many thanks are given to Natasha Lowe, Autumn Campbell and Elisha Baker for all the hard work they put into preparations for the party. Thanks, also, to all the senior employees who worked diligently at the party and served one of the best meals for the day.

We are planning a Census rally at our center on April 9 at 10 a.m. All seniors are invited to attend and we encourage everyone in Letcher County to send in their Census forms and be counted. We lose funding for each person who is not counted. We must show how many people are in our county. The senior citizens will enjoy a nice lunch at Colson.

April 15 will be our yearly Camp Nathanael day. We will be taking approximately 80 people to enjoy a nice outing with a great gospel service and some of the best food ever served.

April 16 we are invited to watch the Drama Club from Cowan perform. Thank you, Lynn Bates, for inviting us. This performance will be at Letcher County Central High School.

Wednesdays we will be doing Nutritional Bingo. There is no charge, but the seniors will win things like fresh vegetables, fruit, etc. We encourage all seniors who can to come and join us at 11:30 a.m.

Our Easter Day last week was enjoyable and interesting with all the colored eggs, and the fun we had was indescribable. We are not too old to enjoy the simple things in life. We don’t feel it is childish to let your ‘inner child’ out once in awhile. Ha, ha.

We would like everyone to know that our cheerleaders are working very hard to win the competition at the senior games. We are very proud of our senior cheerleaders.

We would like to say that the Colson area will miss a dear man we lost a few days ago. Our condolences to Marvin Sexton’s family. His wife, Alpha, will be lost without him. He has three children, Bobby, Kim and Tony, and three or four grandchildren. We will be praying for this family.

We also lost one of our home-delivery clients recently, Maryland ‘Bud’ Collins. We miss him also. Our seniors took up donations and sent food to the family.

One of our congregate clients also died recently. James Brashears was in a terrible accident that he did not survive. Everyone misses him, also.

We would like to thank our workers at Colson who have been so kind to all of the seniors.

Everyone is happy to see Creda Isaacs coming back to the center. We have missed her very much.

We miss all the seniors who can’t come to the center, and will pray they get better.

This is the thought for the week: ‘It is wrong to judge someone, but if you must judge them, do so by what you see and not by what you have heard from someone else.’

God bless you all.

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