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Combses celebrate 52nd wedding anniversary


Visiting Bennett and Linda Combs recently were their daughter Regina and her daughter Christina, son Dustin and Jenna Crawford, also Kylie and Jacob. Kylie will be in first grade this year.

Bennett and Linda celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary Aug. 25.

Michael and Ramona Finchum, son Forrester and daughter Callie have vacationed in northern Florida this past week. A belated happy 12th birthday to Callie, Aug. 29.

Also, belated birthday wishes to Opal Adams on Aug. 31.

Dustin Gilley and Brandon Gentry vacationed throughout the West on their motorbikes. They traveled through 15 states in 11 days, going by the northern route and returning by the southern route. They found Colorado to be the most exciting state.

Billie Ann Gilley celebrated her birthday last Sunday with family and friends.

Dorothy Fields, the widow of Archie Reed Fields of Chapel Hill, N.C., and her daughters Patti and Jenny visited cousins Ella Preston and Virginia Brown, who look forward to their visit each year.

Linda Lucas and Marilyn Banks recently spent a week at Marilyn’s cabin in Mt. Victory. They spent the weekend going to the 100-mile yard sale on Highway 127.

While yard selling, they met Verna and Chester Rayburn at the Bread of Life Restaurant and had lunch. After lunch they visited in Verna and Chester’s home for the afternoon.

Russell and Minerva Yonts have been in this week. Russell and Duane went fishing, and Minerva and Anna had a good visit.

Ruth Shackleford, Dorothy Miles and Doris Banks, along with six other fun ladies from the county clubs, went on a van driven by Ann Bradley to Quicksand for the area Homemaker’s picnic. It was a pleasant day and it brought back good memories of attending 4-H camp there many years ago.

Brandon Allen Ott, 3 weeks old, has been adopted by his grandparents, Kenny and Cookie Ott. Brandon is a beautiful, bright-eyed, good-natured baby. He was welcomed to our community with a shower at the Little Cowan Church on Saturday. He received many lovely and useful gifts for which they are very grateful.

On communing with nature, or talking with the birds and bullfrogs:

“While I was mowing around the swamp, an old bullfrog croaked. I told him, ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going to bother you.’ In a little while he croaked again. I said, ‘It’s OK, I’m glad you’re here.’

“While I was resting on the back porch, a little bird said, ‘Watch you see, watch you see.’ I looked around and said, ‘I see green trees, lots of pretty green trees’.

“Again he said, ‘Watch you see, watch you see?’ I said, ‘I see peace.’

“By then I was feeling pretty good, so I could say, ‘I see joy,’ and, ‘I see hope,’ in reply to the bird.

“Then I realized that, in the midst of the mess the gas companies and the water company had left, the problems in the community and the world, that I can still see beauty, peace, joy and hope.

“I thank God for using a little bird to remind me of this.”

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