Whitesburg KY

Commercial vehicle officers targeting regular motorists; 90 tickets issued over 5 days

With fewer coal trucks now on the roads, Kentucky’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement officers are targeting regular motorists in Letcher County.

In a five-day period ending May 6, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) officers issued 90 tickets for speeding, failure to wear seat belts and other violations to Letcher County motorists.

A majority of the tickets were issued on U.S. 119 in the Mayking area, but some were written to drivers in Linefork and other more rural areas of the county.

If you’re one of the unfortunate drivers who gets pulled over by a CVE officer for speeding, failure to wear a seatbelt, or an expired registration plate, you will face paying a minimum fee of $135 in court costs, plus the fine for the offense you allegedly committed. Those fines range from $20 for speeding 10 miles per hour over the limit to $250 for having an expired registration plate.

Meanwhile, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety is expected to announce later this week that it will sponsor several “targeted enforcement events in Letcher County for this year’s Click It or Ticket campaign.”

A release announcing the kickoff of the enforcement effort, scheduled for May 18 through June 1, says the purpose of the beefed up effort “is to raise awareness among drivers about the importance of wearing seatbelts and having children in appropriate safety restraints.”

The Highway Safety Office says it will partner with the Kentucky State Police, Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office, Whitesburg City Police, and Jenkins City Police “to have saturation patrols as well as traffic safety checkpoints. In addition, there will be at least one checkpoint in conjunction with law enforcement agencies from Wise County, Virginia.”

“Our law enforcement partners will also focus on nighttime and weekend seatbelt and impaired driving enforcement,” the release says.

The targeted enforcement campaigns are funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

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