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Community is saddened by deaths

Since I wrote last so many families have been touched by sorrow and sadness.

The family and friends of longtime Isom resident Mitchell Wright were saddened by his recent death. He was so well known as was evident by the large crowds attending his visitation and funeral at Millstone Missionary Baptist Church.

It won’t be the same around Isom without seeing Mitchell sitting on his porch, or when he was well he was always milling around his scrap yard. Sympathy to Mitchell and Belvis’s big family during the loss of their father.

Blair Branch was also touched by the death of Donna Kaye Adams, a daughter of the late Leon and Martha Adams. Her funeral was held at Blair Branch and she was laid to rest near their home. Caroline and Lana have taken care of Kay for their whole lives and will miss her so, as will family and friends.

Lena Dixon, Bumper Adams, Bill Adams, Ila Adams and Alma Rose are a few who recently celebrated birthdays. Derrick Williams turned four on Feb. 23.

The warmer weather was a welcome break. It was so nice last Thursday through Monday. Even rain isn’t bad if the temperature isn’t as cold.


We were shocked to learn that Brenda Combs died after her recent surgery. I think she lived her whole life at the Big Fields Grocer area of Jeremiah. Judy Lynn, her sister, had brought a couple of scrapbook albums of photos of Brenda’s childhood years, and her and Robert’s family pictures too, and we enjoyed looking through them at the visitation.

Brenda’s son, Terry, got out of the hospital and was able to attend his mom’s services. Her dad, Bill Caudill, took care of him during this sorrowful time.

Prayers and sympathies to Dock, Judy Lynn, Terry, Robert, and all the family and friends. It won’t seem the same around the Big Field area.

Rodney and Geraldine Ison have both been having a few health problems lately, and we’ve really missed them out and about, especially this weekend at Blair Branch Church. Hopefully, they will be feeling better soon.

Also, get well wishes to Linda Caudill of Doty Creek, who’s been in and out of the hospital a few times this winter.

The Blackey Community Center Council is having a fundraiser brunch on Saturday, March 5, starting at 10 a.m. Any donations of items for the breakfast or money to help pay the monthly upkeep on the building will be greatly appreciated.

Arizona Adams’s grandd au g ht e r April and her husband have a new baby daughter they’ve named Harper. April was having health issues and the baby was delivered early, and though she was under four pounds, did remarkably well, and April is doing better too. A baby shower was given for them the Sunday before last. Jerry and Violet Boggs are the grandparents on April’s side of the family.

All I have time to jot down at this time. Mostly sadness this week.

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