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Community mourns Coman Caudill


I haven’t written a column in so long that most of this is a few weeks old, and some things I have forgotten completely. Sorry.

Our community lost a wonderful neighbor and friend with the death of Coman Caudill. He was a beloved father to Gary, Ernie and Reed and their spouses, children and grandchildren.

Most of us remembered Coman as the milkman. He delivered up and down the roads and “hollers” in our area, and most of us over the age of 50 can remember buying chocolate milk as a treat when he stopped to deliver milk.

Coman was laid to rest beside his beloved wife, Flarrie, at the Burton Hill Cemetery.

Former Isom resident, Mabel Ison Fowler, died in Michigan. She was a daughter of the late Gideon and Gracie Ison, and a sister to Dennis, G.B., Davis, Clyde, Ralph, Everett, Ivol and Louise, Viola and Alice Fay. Mabel also had three sons and many other relatives and friends to mourn her passing.

Also, Astor Halcomb of Red Star died last week at his home. He hadn’t been well for awhile and lived to be 88 years old. Our sympathy to Roy, Sonny and Astor Jr. and their families during this sad time.

Recently, Margaret Bowling of Doty Creek fell and broke a bone below her hip and ankle. She has since had surgery. Her granddaughter came in from New York, and son from Indiana (Darrell) also came in to check on her, along with the family here all checking on her. Hope she is home by now.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and was thankful for all the blessings God has bestowed upon us throughout the year.

Bob and I met our daughter, Jessie, at Richmond and had dinner at Cracker Barrel Restaurant, and Don and Coreen Pridemore took their dinner over to Sycamore Loop and had dinner with Bonita, Jerry, Liberty and Noah. Kenny Joe, our son, ate with them too.

I hope this week that Mattie Jean Frazier, Marie Banks, Jenette Adams, Evangene Adams and all the others who are having health problems can feel better this week. Their families take such good care of them.

Also, Martha Jane Smith spent a few nights in the hospital with mini strokes, recently.

Hagel and Renee Campbell now have her mother, Hazel, living with them so they can take care of her. It’s a hard job, but a blessing to be able to take care of a loved one.

Such a well-blessed meeting was held at the Indian Bottom Association Building this past Sunday, and also at the services at Letcher Manor by the Blair Branch Church. The residents there enjoy singing along on “I’ll Fly Away” and songs they remember from their youth. It’s good to see their faces brighten up when they know and sing songs from their memories.

That’s it for this week, sorry again for skipping a few weeks. Just got busy and forgot.

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