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Whitesburg KY

Community saddened by death

We are at the community center at Linefork, home of the Sugar Grove Opry. We are having music and the Shriners are selling food for everyone. They have a really good variety.

We are sad, though, for our neighbor Alfred Tolliver died last night near midnight. He was husband of Glenda Tolliver, and one of the center’s true workers. It hurts us deeply for her and her son Mike, who is also a great help and a blessed singer. Our deepest sympathy goes out to them and all his family.

The Shriners’ Coal Miner Bluegrass Festival was a great success at our community center Saturday.

Well, the day is growing close for our reunion next Saturday, May 28. I just hope that all will be well and able to come. I am so excited about all who are planning the trip from all over the U.S.A. — Florida, Idaho, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina and maybe Washington State, and other states as well as Kentucky.

Larry Jones was working late last night and fell and really hurt his arm. He had to go to the emergency room. I hope he will be feeling fine soon. He tries so hard to make the center a good place to visit. Linefork

We have some great workers, Mr. and Mrs. Levonne Williams and their son Rick, Bertha Turner, Glenna and Mike Turner, Chris Sexton, Chris Ingram, Randy Ingram, Larry Roark, Mr. Joseph and others.

I met a lady today. She was the daughter of Charlie Ratliff on Kingscreek. She said she graduated with my sister-in-law, Oma Jean Ingram Boggs, in the 1960’s at the old high school building. I hope they get together at the reunion. They haven’t seen one another since then. Lena Sumpter was one of them also.

I wrote that Earl Cornett had died in Michigan. It turned out it wasn’t our Earl, it was a different Earl Cornett. Doris June’s friend or cousin found out it was a different one. I am so sorry she told me wrong and she is also.

I’ll stop for now.

Look for everyone at the reunion.

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