Whitesburg KY

Community saddened by loss of two residents


My column this week is filled with so much sadness due to the loss of two wonderful people.

Hobert ‘Higgs’ Caudill died last week after being so sick since his recent fall. He was hurt from the fall, and just wasn’t able to get better. His injuries were so severe and then he suffered a heart attack also.

We send our condolences to Blanche, Donna, and Jeremy and also to his only brother, Lovel, and to his good friend, Verlin Breeding, and all the rest of his loved ones.

He was always a good, friendly fellow and every time you saw him he was so neighborly and went out of his way to ask how things were with you and others in the community. Higgs never failed to say how he enjoyed reading my column and I always felt good after talking with him. We will all miss him.

Last Tuesday, June 23, Traci Pridemore Madden lost her long battle with cancer and it saddened so many throughout the county. She was so strong throughout her ordeal and always had a good outlook and wore a smile, despite all of her struggles and hardships.

Traci and her husband, Tracy, did all they could to make the lives of their children, Holly, Hannah, and Jacob, special, attending school functions, taking family vacations, shopping with the girls, and so many other little things to make good memories of being together. They were all headed to Hilton Head, S.C. on the day the Lord called her home.

Such a large crowd came to the Millstone Missionary Baptist Church to show their love and support to Tracy, the kids, Lee and Wilma Pridemore, and all of Traci’s family. It was an overflowing crowd both nights of visitation and the day of the funeral.

Traci had been a member of the church since she was 18 years old and was a very faithful member, even when she wasn’t well.

Our hearts go out to Traci’s family and may God be with them during this sad time.

Opal Banks is home and doing pretty well after her recent surgery. The family is staying with her for the first week or so to make sure she doesn’t overdo it. We had her a birthday cookout on Saturday and she was able to walk out to her gazebo for the event. We appreciate all the prayers that were sent up on her behalf.

Bonita, Don and Coreen Pridemore, and I made a trip to the V.A. Hospital in Lexington for Dad’s appointment. He had some sun spots zapped, but nothing too serious.

All of his brothers and sisters and their spouses were here for Traci’s funeral, Roy and Billie Smith, Bill and Elva Marshall, Lenville and Kathy Pridemore, Ford and Libby Pridemore, Darell and Vicki Pridemore, and Dad and Mom all attended to show their love and support for Traci’s family. Also, the large Dixon and Madden families were there.

The Doty Day school reunion was recently held and all enjoyed the day.

Dolly Caudill has bought Ruby Breeding’s home on Rockhouse. Ruby went to live with her daughter due to her health problems.

Roland and Carol Blair recently visited their family and Nancy Craft looked after Clayton Shepherd while they were gone.

Bill and Wanda Maggard are pleased that their son, Jeremy, will be living back on Sycamore Loop in Homer Smith’s trailer.

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