Whitesburg KY

Community-wide yard sale planned


Just a few quick items for this week’s column; running late as usual.

There will be a community wide yard sale in Blackey on June 7 beginning at 9 a.m. Many households will be participating.

Ila Adams is back home on Blair Branch from the nursing home. She had a few weeks of physical therapy after her recent hospital stay, and is glad to be back in her own home.

Lovell Blair is doing better after a recent infection on his foot. He and Lois have been getting by as best they can with their recent health issues. You would have a hard time finding folks any better than these two, and I think those in the community would agree with that statement.

Congratulations to Tyler and Jessica Watts on the arrival of their new baby girl, Lila. Everyone is so excited for them. Glad baby and Mom are doing well.

Belated birthday wishes to Stella Elam, whose birthday was on the 30th of May, and also to Della Blair on June 2.

Sorry to learn that Deanna Caudill Fouts recently died. She had been a patient at Letcher Manor recently because of declining health. Our sympathy to her family and friends.

Bob, Coreen and Don Pridemore and myself attended the annual Maggard memorial at Eolia on Sunday, as did others with family buried in the cemetery. It was a nice service and after leaving the church house we drove down to look at the bridge that’s being built for the new highway.

On the way there, we saw a fair size bear right by the road. He was scrawny looking and not big and fat like you would think.

Later Sunday, Bob stopped by to check on Evangene and Arizona Adams. Evangene isn’t doing too well, and his brother Bob isn’t either.

On Sunday, we attended church at the Indian Bottom Association building at Sassafras.

That day was also the Fields Cemetery memorial at Carcassonne and it was held at the Little Zion Church House because of the declining health of the older ones whose family are buried there. They also had dinner afterward.

Sometimes it’s hard for the older attendees to make it on the hill where the cemetery is located.

That’s it for now, sorry if I’ve forgotten to put something in that I was told. I forget too much.

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