Whitesburg KY

Community would gather on Snell Mountain

Big Cowan

Sorry for not writing anything last week. I have been so busy I didn’t know whether I was coming or going.

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. The weather was beautiful but it was very difficult to find a place for lunch because it was so crowded. My sister, Kathy, and I bought plants for the ladies in the church on behalf of the church, and a big pot of flowers for the wives of the pastor and assistant pastor. All seemed to enjoy them. My mother (my best friend) died several years ago and I read a tribute to her and read a poem, “I Love You, Mom”, to the church.

So many accidents have happened recently with two people killed in different accidents. Chris Gibson was seriously hurt in an accident on Cowan, Mark Baker was killed on the bypass up from Rite Aid going toward the hospital, and Jessica Pigg was killed near Whitco. My sympathy goes out to all their families.

That is why we need to be prayed up and living for the Lord when our time comes, because we don’t have another chance to make it right. Death knows no age!

Please be careful and watch out for the other person. They might not know the roads that well and we need to move over and let them go. Might save a life or two.

I forgot to mention that my secret sister at church got me a hanging basket for Mother’s Day. Also, I received one from my husband. I also got a single rose from my brother-in-law and one from my husband, and a crystal rose from my sister. I appreciate it and they are all beautiful. My son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren called and wished me happy Mother’s Day.

Late birthdays this month — Agnes Maggard of Columbus, Ind., and Mary Fay (Jacobs) Sexton of Knott County. A big happy birthday to all. Also to Roger Hoskins of Oneida and Pauline Bates.

A lady I used to go to church with in Indiana, Jeanie Middendorf, died. Her mother was from Millstone. She was married and had two children.

Also, Edward Frazier, formerly of Big Cowan, who lived in Louisville, died. He was the son of the late Gilby Frazier. A memorial service will be at the old homeplace on Big Cowan. Our sympathy goes to the family.

Sonya (Rayburn) Money and her husband, Sam Money, were in this past week staying with her parents, Earl and Hazel Rayburn. None of them is in very good health. Keep them in your prayers. Also, Mike Rayburn and Anna Lou (Maggard) Combs still need our prayers.

Well, I finally did it. My husband and I drove up on Snell Mountain. I had not been up there since I was a child. We used to walk up there on Saturday nights. Most of the community would go to Isaiah Turner’s to watch TV and then walk home late at night. At that time only Isaiah and Lettie Turner and their family and Easter and Culbert Fields and their families lived up there. Now there are several homes. We had to take my sister, Kathy, and husband Eddie up there to show me who lives where.

I like going different places. So much has changed over the years. It was a nice ride and the trees are beautiful.

We also rode to the top of Scuttle Hole Gap Road. It is also a nice ride except I need to get a four-wheeler to go up to the trail.

Thomas Wolfe came home Thursday to spend the weekend with his mom and dad. He turned 31 on his birthday on May 10. Several relatives gave him money. He lives in Hazard now and seems to like it.

See ya next week. Have a good one. Attend the church of your choice and be good to one another!

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