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Comparison unfair, reader writes

Upon receipt of an 8×10 smear ad against Angie Hatton, it seems as if her opponent is truly taking a “political” edge. This costly advertisement will probably get the attention easily of the uninformed.

Unfortunately, although it says absolutely nothing positive about Hatton, it surely says nothing positive about Frank Justice either. It is a very cheap photo cropped image of your county’s own resident, Angela Hatton, standing with Hillary Clinton.

It is obvious that the designer of this ad had left letters in the background when he/ she placed the two images together. This is just another costly effort to flaunt the political big bucks.

The ad is about Team Hillary, not Hatton nor Justice. It is an obvious attempt to pair Hatton with Clinton just because they are both Democrats. In nothing that I have read, seen, or heard has Angie Hatton expressed her support for Hillary Clinton. Angie Hatton is pro-gun rights and pro-coal mining.

Despite several debate invitations, Justice has failed to show to any of them. Hatton continuously presents herself willingly to these debate opportunities and openly answers questions.

What is Justice hiding from? While he attends to obviously “more important” matters outside Letcher County, we Letcher Countians do not get to find out how he truly feels on any of these matters. His name, however, does pollute our scenic roadways.

His name is here, but where is he? Hiding out in another county perhaps? His signs are not on privately-owned properties being displayed because of support. He has had his banners stuck alongside the road in ditches and on trees that belong to the public highway department.

Do not be deceived into thinking that just because you see his name on the roadway he has support. He may have plenty of money to flaunt his name, but where is he? If he is running for this seat, it seems as if he would be willing to show his face in our county. If nothing else, at least while running in the election.

I can personally say that I know Angie Hatton. She is a hardworking woman who resides and works in Letcher County. It has been 16 years since a Letcher Countian represented us. Hatton has had her own business here for nearly 20 years. She is a loving mother of two bright children.

Unknowing how she may or may not feel on a woman’s right to have an abortion, I do know for certain she would never ever participate in selling aborted baby parts.

Angie knows coal mining is what keeps this area afloat. She has family members who work in coal. The only justice this county needs is having someone represent it who lives in it, knows it, works in it, and loves it. That’s probably not going be someone who’s not from it.


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