Whitesburg KY

Complimenting Letcher Manor

To the Editor:

Last week I went to the Letcher Manor Rehabilitation Unit to visit a friend, off and on for a couple of days during the weekend (May 29-30.)

During that time I walked through several halls, visited the cafeteria with my friend and sat in her room.

In the halls and patients’ rooms the floors were gleaming with no unpleasant odors. Most importantly, patients safely secured in wheelchairs, padded if needed, were quietly moving around the wards, not stuck in bed.

In the cafeteria, the personnel were friendly and prepared my friend’s food as soon as possible, and last but not least, the nurses and assistants addressed every request promptly and with respect, be it about comfort or nursing intervention.

From housekeeping, food service to nursing and assistant staff, I was impressed with the care given to every facet of the patient’s and involved community’s lives.

Letcher County has a major health care facility going for it, in my opinion.


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