Whitesburg KY

Concert-goers dress like singer

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and enjoying these pretty, warm days. Are you looking for some real exciting news? If you are, I’m sorry, but you will have to turn the page. It’s just me being me.

Three good friends got together and gave their kids a gift from their mother. Angie Mullins and her daughters Ellie and Amanda Caudill, and her daughter Chloe, and Abby Thomas and her son Landon Tolliver all went to concert at Rupp Arena to see Taylor Swift in concert.

I think all the little girls dressed like her. I know that Ellie did. She looked so cute! They had a great time. The concert was Saturday night, Oct. 22.

I called my friend Ada (Miller) King in Miamisburg, Oh., and we talked about our old Marlowe friends. She shouldn’t have moved away, but she chose to go away with her husband Arthur King when he went into the service, and after he got out they settled in Ohio. I’m glad we have our phones.

Sherry (Hatton) Fields is still very sick in Whitesburg Hospital. She needs everyone’s prayers. Her sister Margaret Combs spends a lot of time with her. I went up and stayed a long time with them last week, and Margaret and I went to the Pine Mountain Grill and had lunch and really enjoyed it. Whitesburg

Margaret wants to say hello to her aunt, Laura (Napier) Holland in North Carolina. A big hello from me also. She gets The Eagle and enjoys reading about Marlowe. She grew up there. Another one of our displaced people, but she loves it there. She’s the only one left of a large family. She is the daughter of the late Mary and Bill Napier.

I went to a very large baby shower last Saturday at our church for the daughter of Jennifer and Michael Absher. Her name is Danielle, and I don’t know her married name. That baby boy will be a well-dressed baby. It was the biggest shower I have seen in a long time. I was so glad. Our church sure loves Jennifer! She is so faithful.

I visited with Aggie Hatton, and she sure is having a hard time and has been so sick. She hates missing church and we miss her. I sure hope she gets better soon. She sits with me.

My cousin Ida (Howard) Hatton will be leaving to visit her daughter Misty in Florida. I’m not sure how long she will be staying. Her daughter has been having health problems and has two small children. Her husband Joe is in the service.

I saw Viola ‘Buggy’ Adams and her pretty daughter at Pine Mountain Grill the other day. I need to call her so we can talk longer. She’s a Marlowe girl so we will have plenty to talk about and take a trip down Memory Lane.

When I went to the hospital to visit, Leigh Lewis was the volunteer there that day. I told her that the day before there was no volunteer there, and I missed seeing them. I always look forward to seeing them as I know them all.

Leigh said that they had a Standifer reunion the week before. She’s going to try to get me a picture. She said they had a great time.

When I left to go home, my friend Gerry Haynes was the volunteer and so we got to visit. My visits there seem to last a long time. That’s fine with me — I love people.

I talked with Juanita Profitt and she said Earl was doing real well. I think he feels better than she does. They are two fine people and good friends.

I hope my friends Irene and Elzie Ray Hatton are doing okay, and also Bertha Page Dye. I haven’t heard from her in awhile.

I want to say hello to Iva Cheatham in Stanford. I hope her family is doing okay. I hope all the sick are better.

May God bless all of you, and try to be in church somewhere this week.

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