Whitesburg KY

Congregation applauds Earl Profitt

The Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church had a good week. Our Union meeting began last Wednesday night and continued through Sunday morning. We had wonderful, spiritual services and great preaching. We really appreciate all the visiting preachers and other friends who came.

We had a special treat Sunday morning. After so many weeks since his accident, Earl and Juanita Profitt and Doris Miller showed up. As Earl was wheeled in, the entire congregation stood and applauded.

Robert and Sherry Brown, Bradley and Joseph spent the weekend with their Granny and attended church. The boys are having a good year in school, as is their brother Jacob, who is in high school this year.

On Sept. 4, about 25 people attended a baby shower for Amanda Freeman and Donnie Adams at Patsy Adams’s home on Little Cowan. They received lots of beautiful gifts. Merita Freeman and Patsy Adams (Amanda and Donnie’s moms) hosted the shower. Thanks to Patsy Morrell for all of the food that she sent to the shower and for sending some frozen foods that she knew were Donnie’s favorites for him to take back to Florida. Also, a big thank you goes out to Carol Anne Ison for the old-fashioned gingerbread that she baked. Thanks, Angel and Betty, for the food you sent too.

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