Whitesburg KY

Connor Eversole gets haircut

Cowan Creek

Howdy folks. Spring is in the air. I saw my first mosquito.

Also the Knock Out Rose bushes are starting to bud. A friend even saw a yellowjacket last week. So, am I right or wrong?

Prayers for the family of Ray Brashears. Breaks my heart for his children, Sam and Stephanie of Cowan. Ray was such a pleasant man. God bless all.

Continue to pray for his niece Diane Turner as she battles breast cancer. She is my first cousin on my dad’s side of our family, Irvin Ison.

Also keep praying for Jack Roberts of Cowan, who is a neighbor to the Brashears family. Also a well-known man of our little community.

Connor Cade Eversole, my grandson, gave himself a big bald spot in the top of his head. I guess he got a hold of his dad’s clippers. They are battery powered and he can move fast. Oh well, he is in the two stage.

His mom Tiffany said, “I couldn’t get mad at that sweet face.” Such a good mom. I ask Fredrick what he said, and he told me, “Well, Mom, what could you say? It was too late.”

This summer will be fun and interesting. I know God watches over my grandbabies. I pray for them all the time.

God is good, as Dee Dee Williams would say.

From what I hear the Obama “Help” Health Care Plan can hurt you on your taxes. A lot of us look forward to the refund so we can enjoy a bonus we have earned. Like, a little savings account.

If you did not have insurance, oh, will you pay. Last year I took the Silver plan free, and this year I get to pay for it. Didn’t even ask me, just sent me the bill.

The deductibles are so high, what good is it? I could be self-pay and pay $65 dollars versus what they send me a bill for. Geez. I should know soon how not paying anything last year for my insurance affected my refund. I will tell all the truth.

Until next week. Stay warm. God bless all.

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