Whitesburg KY

Consolidation causes exodus

A few days ago I drove by one of the schools which is scheduled to be closed. Everything was peaceful and kids were having a good time. It brought back a lot of memories of times gone by.

But the fun is almost over for these kids, at least during school hours. Unfortunately the children or parents have no say-so in what happens to their school. It will simply be swallowed up by a larger school and the students will be hauled by bus to other schools.

It’s nice to have large million dollar schools, but larger is not always better, not even for the students. All it does is raise the unemployment rate by all those who will lose their jobs.

We have plenty of educational opportunities available within reach, even for the older generation. But right now I wouldn’t advise any student to plan on being a teacher in Letcher County or any of the surrounding counties.

The best they can hope for is to leave this area and try their luck in another state. We don’t have positions available for the instructors we already have.

The more consolidation we have, the more people we will have leaving this area to fulfill their dream of being an instructor, not to mention the maintenance workers.

The more busing we have the more cost per child, and the more risk of a tragedy like the one on Feb. 28, 1958.

So far nobody in my family has ridden a school bus, and I hope to keep it that way as long as possible. I am not by any means saying that we don’t have capable drivers, but it only takes seconds for an accident to happen with long- range consequences.

Let us not forget that our children are our future, and it’s up to us to take care of them because a child is at the mercy of the world, and if we don’t protect them, who will?

As for discipline in our schools, it evaporated when religion was taken out of our schools. At least when there was religion in our schools, the students didn’t take guns and other weapons to school, they took pencils and paper.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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