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Contests set for Mountain Heritage Festival

There are lots of opportunities for you to enter your handwork, food goodies, etc., at the 2010 Mountain Heritage Festival.

Once again the Letcher County Extension Office and Extension Homemaker Clubs will be sponsoring the Mountain Heritage Festival Arts and Crafts Contest.

Categories for baskets: fireside; flower or waste basket; egg basket; any other basket; special weave.

Categories for needlework: 1. Knitting: a) afghan knitted; b) hand knitted sweater; c) miscellaneous knitting.

2. Crochet: a) tablecloth crocheted; b) afghan, crocheted; c) afghan, grannysquare pattern; d) crocheted sweater; e) crocheted doily; f ) miscellaneous crochet.

3. Needlepoint: a) pictured, framed b) purse or bag; c) pillow, stuff ed.

4. Counted cross-stitch: a) any article on 11-14- 16 count aida cloth (not framed); b) any article on specialty fabric such as linen (not framed); c) most attractive picture on 11-14- 16 count aida (framed); d) most attractive picture on 18 count aida (framed); e) most attractive picture on specialty fabric (framed).

Miscellaneous needlepoint: a) crewel embroidery, pillow stuffed; b) crewel embroidery, wall hanging or picture; c) any other crewel embroidery; d) most attractive article in chicken scratch; e) most attractive article in candlewicking; f ) any article in needlepoint on plastic canvas; g) any other article in stitchery.

Canning, Baking, and

Candy Contest

Judging will be based on: Use of standard commercial glass jars. Lids in good condition and free of rust. If two-piece lids are used, rings should be left on. Paraffin may be used on jellies only). Baked foods, canned foods, and candy may be tasted to determine quality by the judges. Baked foods and candy should be entered in disposable containers or wrappings. No foods made from commercial mixes will be allowed. Please include a copy of your recipe.

Categories for home canned foods: 1. jellies 2. jams 3. preserves 4. fruits 5. vegetables 6. pickles 7. relishes, butters and sweets.

Categories for candy: 1. fudge 2. dipped 3. other candy.

Categories for home baked goods: Lot 1. yeast breads class: 1. loaf bread 2. yeast rolls (6) 3. other (tea ring, doughnuts (6), coff ee cake, etc. Lot 2 quick breads class: 4. biscuits (6) 5. corn muffins (6) 6. nut bread. Lot 3 cookies class: 7. sugar cookies (6) 8. peanut butter (6) 9. brownies (6). Lot 4 cakes (½ cake) class: 10. sponge cake 11. butter cake 12. chocolate cake 13. pound cake 14. jam cake 15. fruit cake 16. old fashion stack cake. Lot 5 pies class: 17. chocolate pie 18. lemon pie 19. custard pie 20. fruit pie.

Ribbons will be awarded to the three top entries in each category/class.

Quilt Contest

Categories for the quilt contest will be: 1) appliqué, 2) embroidery, 3) pieced (patchwork), 4) baby quilts, 5) miscellaneous, 6) oldest quilt (age verified by owner) and 7) wall-hanging.

All quilts (except for the oldest) must have been completed within the last three years and must be clean and in good condition. All quilts must be twin size or larger (except for baby quilts) and hand quilted. Identify quilt pattern when entering. The individual quilt maker must do all work on the quilt. Work can be pieced by hand or machine, but appliqué and quilting must be done by hand. Each individual may enter no more than one quilt per category.

Woodcrafts Contest

Categories for woodcrafts: 1. Birdhouse, finished (such as painted, stained, etc.). 2. Birdhouse, non-finished (such as sanded, no laquor, natural. All birdhouses can be no larger than 16 inches wide, 16 inches in depth, and 13.5 inches high. 3. Whittled items. 4. Small items decorated by wood burning technique. 5. Other small woodcrafts.

No woodcrafts from kits allowed.

General rules and


These contests are being sponsored by the Letcher County Extension Office, located at 478 Extension Drive (off Stone Avenue and the Whitesburg By-pass). There is no entry fee.

All exhibits may be entered at the Letcher County Extension Office on Monday, Sept. 20, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. In special circumstances, you may bring entries in on Friday, Sept. 17. The entries will be on display until Friday, Sept. 24. Competent outof county judges will be secured and the decisions of these judges will be final.

Entries will be accepted only in categories listed. Exhibits not listed will not be judged. No one will be allowed more than one entry in a class; however, the same person may enter exhibits in as many lots as he or she chooses. All exhibits must be the work of the person exhibiting them.

Exhibits are to be picked up by 3 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 27, at the County Extension Office.

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