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Control tower operator was my cousin

The Dew Line bases between the U.S. and Canada were opened when Russia was giving us a hard time after World War II. We had bombers and lots of radios there.

My second trip to the Dew Line, the radio operator told me he would meet me when we landed. He had seen my name on our first flight when we landed earlier.

He yelled my name as our crewmembers got off of our B-17 bomber. He was a Vanover, and said, “I think we are cousins.” My crew and I went for coffee with him.

At that time in my life I knew very little about my kinfolks. He was in the same boat and knew very little about his pedigree chart.

I never saw him again, and that was in early 1946.

After I retired from the military Dec. 1, 1972, and came back to California for my new job, he got in touch with me again. He was working in California.

His name was James Gilliam Vanover, born in Logan, W.Va., and married Ladonna Roxie of Morrow, Ore. His parents were George Lowe Vanover, born in Mayking in 1897, who married Taplin Logan of West Virginia.

His grandparents were Ira Gilliam Vanover, born in Wise County, Va., married to Susannah “Susan” Webb. Both were living in Letcher County. I’m told some of these Vanovers lived in Burdine for years.

Sadly, before we could meet again, James Vanover died, Dec. 30, 2003. We both went to the same radio school at Scott Field, Ill., where he was a couple of years ahead of me.

If any of our readers are kin to these folks, get in touch with me at 709-429-0254, or Everett Vanover, 3007 Ponderosa Court, Fairfield, California 94533.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.)

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