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Cops: Meth suspect was passed out in Mercedes

A former Linefork man already under indictment here on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine is back in jail on methamphetamine trafficking charges after he was found passed out in a car at the Twin Bridges on KY 7 South.

Eric Edward Shuffler, 36, of 1345 Old Piney Woods Road in Jasper, Ala., was arrested and lodged in the Letcher County Jail on Friday following his arrest near the entrance to Boothill Road at Letcher. Shuffler was charged with first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance (greater than or equal to 2 grams of methamphetamine), first offense, possession of drug paraphernalia and public intoxication (controlled substance).

Sources said a resident called 9-1-1 at 4:06 p.m. Friday after coming home and finding Shuffler unresponsive in a white Mercedes Benz sedan parked just off the road on the resident’s property.

According to a citation filed by Kentucky State Police Trooper Brandon Watts, a Letcher Fire and Rescue ambulance responded to the scene and Knott County Deputy Sheriff Michael Blair, who lives in the area, stopped to assist. According to Watts, Shuffler was sitting behind the wheel of the car with the key in the ignition and the engine turned off when Blair arrived. Blair had been able to awaken Shuffler, and when he opened the car door, found two loaded guns in the door panel. Blair detained Shuffler until Watts arrived.

Watts said in the citation that Shuffler gave permission to search the vehicle, and when Watts lifted a bandana lying in the driver’s seat he found a bag containing a crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine. Watts wrote that he also located approximately $1,609 in cash lying in the passenger seat and several bags in the real passenger area. One of the bags contained a case with nine syringes, a spoon, a straw, and a pipe. Watts also found an empty box for a scale.

According to Watts, Shuffler “exhibited vast signs of impairment,” could remain awake and was “heavily on the nod,” meaning that he was on drugs.

Shuffler was indicted in July of 2017 for complicity to manufacturing methamphetamine, complicity to possession of controlled substance (first degree, first offense, methamphetamine), complicity to first degree possession of controlled substance (drug unspecified), complicity to unlawful possession of meth precursor (first offense), complicity to trafficking in a controlled substance (first degree, first offense), complicity to tampering with physical evidence, complicity to possession of a controlled substance (second degree, drug unspecified) and complicity to possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was is charged in that case with acting with Bobby Gibson, Douglas Gibson, David Wells and James Elswick to manufacture methamphetamine on April 23 and with acting with the same four men in possessing an unidentified Schedule I or II drug, methamphetamine, a precursor of methamphetamine, suspected crack cocaine, and drug paraphernalia, and with trafficking in 10 or more dosage units of a Schedule I or II narcotic. Those charges stemmed from a police raid on a house on Orange Drive in Pistol City. Watts was also the arresting officer in that case.

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