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Cornetts celebrate golden anniversary


Let me start out by saying: no, I haven’t changed my name to Delana Fields, as suggested last week in my column. I didn’t even notice the mistake that was made until I took a lot of kidding about it from Dick Adams and others at Elwood and Kathy Cornett’s 50th anniversary party.

I am forgetful, but I don’t think I would forget my own name and change it to ‘Fields.’

A large crowd of family, friends and loved ones came out to show their live and best wishes to Elwood and Kathy on their special day. God has blessed them both to touch many lives throughout their years together and this was evident by the huge crowd that attended.

They really appreciate everyone for being there with them and all the love that was expressed on their behalf.

The Letcher Area Homemakers met for their Thanksgiving dinner at the Parkway Motel Restaurant last Friday. Those attending said they enjoyed the meal and being together. I’m sure it was a little sad since our member, Virginia Caudill, had recently died.

Mrs. Caudill taught so many of us in the first grade at Letcher School, and yes, if you got into meanness you did get a spanking. I know from experience.

But she still was one of my favorite teachers, and I’m glad I got to tell her after she joined our Homemakers Club. It was good to get reacquainted with her and our sympathy goes out to Dr. George and Jimmy and the rest of her family.

She was a wonderful lady and a good teacher and devoted Christian.

It was good news to hear about Sylvania Whitaker getting a call to come to Lexington for a kidney transplant. The surgery went well and at this time the kidney is functioning and she is doing pretty well.

We all pray for her during this process and wish her well. Her daughter Opal was just getting tested to see if she was a match for her mother, and then a kidney was found. God bless them all during this process.

Last Thursday our immediate family loaded up and went to Middlesboro to see the World War II P-38 aircraft, Glacier Girl. Don, Coreen, Keatzie ‘K.P.’, Bonita and I went and had dinner at Cracker Barrel there before heading out to the airport.

It was very interesting to know that an airplane had been dug out of the glacier after being buried for around 50 years or so, and then refurbished to the point where it’s flyable, and came all the way from Texas.

We saw Curt Blair, Jerry Collins and Leon Blair there too. I think they had attended the previous times when ‘Glacier Girl’ had been there. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the airplanes and being together. You couldn’t ask for a nicer day, weather-wise.

It was a good weekend at Blair Branch Church, with a large crowd attending on Sunday. After a good service we had Thanksgiving dinner.

Tommy Harris Smith has returned from a few weeks in Florida. Due to Lillie Moss Hale’s health issues, she and Mary Jo Blair couldn’t go with him this year so he went alone.

Libby Day Smith is recovering from oral surgery, which would have to be difficult since she can’t eat solid food. I hope her mouth is healed up by now.

I also hope L.C. Adams’s wife, Joyce, is doing better, and Van Blair, and Joyce’s sister, Cathy, too.

That’s all I have time for now. Have a good Thanksgiving holiday and may God bless you all.

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