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Cougars get win

Well, it was the final district game for the Letcher Central Cougars and they traveled to London to take on the North Laurel Jaguars.

The Jags have struggled this season much like the Cougars, but they do have a victory over South Laurel just as the Cougars do. The Cougars and the Jaguars are both young teams and they are both rebuilding and looking to next season. Neither team can make the playoff s so it was a game for pride. The Cougars came into the game with a record of 1-7 and the Jaguars were 2-6.

The Cougars won the toss and they received. Junior quarterback Logan Johnson started the night on a positive note as he rushed twice and the second time was a 15-yard touchdown to put the Cougars up early 6-0.

North Laurel came right back and put together an 80-yard drive and scored to answer the Cougars. The Jags also scored on the twopoint conversion to go up 8-6.

The Cougars fumbled the ensuing kickoff and the Jaguars recovered but they fumbled it back to the Cougars, who began another drive. Jesse Rose started from the 45 and, after a big block from quarterback Logan Johnson, he got to the 12-yard line of North Laurel. After a personal foul on the Jags, Drew Bentley took it in from seven yards out. The two-point conversion to Matt Boggs was good and it was 14-8 Cougars with 2:30 left in the first quarter.

The Jaguars got good field position on their drive after two personal fouls on the Cougars. This has been a problem all year for the Cougars and there was no reason for it. The Jags could not do anything with the ball and they were forced to punt.

The Cougars started at the 20 and Bentley picked up nine on first down. Rose picked up a first down out to the 31. Johnson ran to the 42 of North Laurel and then connected with Cory Dollarhide for 15 yards on a pass. Rose got to the 28 and then Drew Bentley took it to the five-yard line. He scored and the Cougars led 21-8 after the kick was good by Syd Fields.

The Jaguars answered. Behind their ground game they moved inside the Cougar 35. Williams got to the Cougar 10 and then their freshman quarterback scored from five yards out. Williams tacked on the conversion and it was 21-16 Cougars.

The Cougars’ next drive was a lot of Logan Johnson making things happen as he had to run for his life as he was constantly flushed out of the pocket. But he did make things happen. He picked up 12 on a run and then found Chris Tyree with a pass and he ran over some Jaguar defenders and finally landed at the Jaguar 19. He will flat hit you on off ense as well as on defense. Johnson then hit Rose on another pass down to the 2-yard line. Rose scored and the Cougars extended the lead to 27-16 with a little over two minutes in the half. That’s the way the half ended.

The Jaguars opened the second half at the 22-yard line. A facemask call on the Cougars moved the ball out to the 43 and they were off and running. Wagers got all the way to the Cougar 11. They got all the way to the 1-yard line but they fumbled and the Cougars recovered back on the 7-yard line to stop the scoring threat.

After Drew Bentley gave the Cougars some breathing room out to the 35, he got another call and moved to the Jag 33. Logan Johnson hit Keaston Hall on a 33- yard scoring strike and the Cougars were now out in front 35-16.

It would get worse for the Jaguars. Starting at the 35, they fumbled and the Cougars recovered. Jesse Rose took it in from 19 yards out and the rout was on as the score ballooned to 42- 16. He later scored on an 8-yard pass from Johnson to make the score 48-16 after three quarters. The Cougars had scored 20 yards in the quarter.

The Jaguars were running out of options and they tried to sneak a fake on a punt, but Caleb Baker would have none of it as he tackled the runner. The Jaguars later had to punt from deep in their own end zone and the ball was downed at the 42. Sophomore Dalton Taylor showed his stuff on the next play as he juked and jived 42 yards to the end zone and, after tacking on the conversion, the score was now 54-16. He gave the fans a sneak peak of what is to come.

The Jaguars tacked on another score but it was too little, too late and the starters were long gone and the final was 56-24.

The Cougars had a good ride home and it was a well deserved win. They will have one game remaining and that will be on senior night against Louisville Moore.

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