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Could it be an early fall?

Hello everyone! I don’t know about you but I believe we are going to have an early fall and the same with winter as it is beginning to get a nip in the air early of the morning and late at night.

I’ve turned my window air off a couple of times, and then about noon I have to kick it back on. I’ve also noticed the change of it staying dark a little later of the mornings. Yes, I hate cold weather.

I’ve tried to find time just to sit for a little while on the back deck to enjoy the sun and the beautiful green colors of the rolling hillside as in just a couple of months the green will be gone. Once the beautiful fall colors show their glory for such a brief time, a hard rain will come then the leaves are gone, and such a long time of bareness.

So you better enjoy what you can now, and make enough memories to tide you over. By now gardens are probably starting to dwindle away.

This time of year Mom would be gathering some green tomatoes and cabbage, green tomatoes to make chow-chow. Mom would heat an empty cream can, knock the lid off and use it as a food chopper to chop the vegetables. She would keep the can from year to year.

After all the vegetables were chopped, she would add a little sugar and vinegar and I believe she used a pickling spice that I am not really sure of. I don’t have her recipe as she just put this and that in it. My sister-in-law Wanda Hall made chow-chow as close to Mom’s as I’ve ever tasted.

There are several recipes on the computer for chowchow, but it is nothing like Mom made. I was in the spice aisle at Kroger’s and I needed a couple of things. There was pickling spice, and of course I thought of Mommy.

My friend Vicki Power works at a produce stand here locally. Vicki called as he struggles to move on from all the things that remind him of Hilary.

THIS WEEK: Victoria also struggled to find peace of mind, but her anxiety only increased when she learned that both Nate and Nikki are concerned about her stress levels. She snapped at those closest to her, including Billy and Nikki, and worked to keep her walls up, warning Nate to leave her alone. me to tell me they finally got some decent looking half runner green beans. Of course I had to go buy a few pounds.

Southern Ohio

Have you gone to the grocery store lately? I don’t know what the price of meat is in your little corner of the world, but I know one thing, it is ridiculous here locally. My son Keith Ballard doesn’t care for chicken very much, and actually it is very costly too.

I really don’t see how families with children make it with the way times are getting. I can see why someone would need the assistance of food stamps, although I do know the system is abused.

As some of you readers know I don’t like modern technology. I believe things are getting far out of hand. When you go to some public rest rooms, the commode flushes by itself, as that was too much exercise to push a handle, although that does keep you from touching the handle.

As you wash your hands the water comes on, ready or not. Now you do have to push the soap dispenser although washing your hands seem to take too much energy, as I’ve seen several women fail to do this task.

Of course there’s the air blower to dry your hands, which I bypass, as I usually dry my hands on my pants. Let’s not forget the doors that open for us.

If people bought all the gadgets that are supposed to help you that aren’t worth the time it takes to purchase, which I know a few older people do, you sure would go broke.

It is still hard to for me to comprehend there’s not Whitesburg Motel anymore that I can call for a reservation.

I am glad I did find someplace for Blackey Days. It is a little different than what it was at the motel, but at least I won’t feel like I am putting someone out.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold is having extensive foot surgery. I informed her that she needs to get it scheduled as soon as possible, as I want to head for the hills that I call home in a couple of months. Lately I am so afraid that I am going to be the one in the hospital before she even gets an appointment.

As I am writing this column I almost laughed out loud. It seems doctors have decided that children should put down their phone and video games, and go outside and play. It sure has taken them a long time to realize what this uneducated hillbilly has been saying for a long time. I know from experience as my grandson has something called ADHD.

I have said all along if Bennie was outside more often he could burn some of the energy off. He can show you more things on an iPad and different video games. I don’t know what an iPad is, and I am fortunate I can use this computer.

I read in The Mountain Eagle where they have a park for children with special needs, such as autism and ADHD. I think this is wonderful thing to do.

What I would like to know is how come in the past several years you hear so many children being diagnosed with so many different names when they have the same symptoms.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are doing good. Their daughter Sue Wagner is home with her parents for a while. Belated happy anniversary to Johnny and Ann. I stopped for a visit with them. I enjoyed spending time with Sue.

Johnny and Ann sort of adopted a young girl, and actually Johnny was a grandpa figure to the child. She just turned 16 and she invited Johnny and Ann to her birthday supper.

Johnny, Ann and Sue, along with their son Gary and several others, enjoyed a delightful meal at Montgomery Inn. I hear Johnny even tasted the barbecued ribs, and he liked them. Now I am hungry just thinking of it.

I haven’t talked to Les and Pat Wagner in a couple of weeks, and I need to check on them. They may have sneaked off to the mountains.

Linda Hall if you got a Mountain Eagle, I hope you liked the picture that was in it. Thanks, Jeanette, for putting it in your column.

Mark your calendar for the Letcher County Picnic on Sept. 29 from 12 – ? at the Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. Harrison, Ohio 45030. Please bring a covered dish and a drink.

For more information, call 513-526-8512. If anyone knows Wayne Blair’s telephone number, please call to remind him, as we missed him last year.

Well as usual I am running late. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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