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Council holds session

At a special meeting held on Monday afternoon, the Whitesburg City Council voted unanimously to approve the second reading of the city’s budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.

The budget, which separates city operating funds from the water and sewer fund, calls for $1,661,542 in total expenditures against $1,662,160 in total revenue for city operational funds, leaving a surplus of $618. The total for water and sewer is $1,619,200. The total for both funds is $3,281,360.

The city budget report breaks the city’s operational budget into separate categories as well. General government expenses account for $498,276 and the police department expenses are $530,727. The sanitation department’s budget calls for $347,561 in expenditures and the fire department is slotted for $328,314.

Other city agencies are listed for the following amounts: the street department, $468,654, with an additional $50,000 for map improvements. Others include $155,337 for the city swimming pool, $10,000 for the parks department, recycling $216,143, alcoholic beverage control $92,500, dispatch and communication $60,019, mechanics department (city vehicles) $112,700, tourism $48,550, rent and royalties, $13,680, and public properties, $20,000.

The combined water and sewer budget of $1,619,200 includes $787,000 in projected water revenue and $804,000 in sewer revenue.

Other sources of revenue include water connection fees $3,000, sewer connection fees, $1,000, $200 in interest income, and $24,000 in late fees.

Mayor James Wiley Craft said he is not sure how much of a July 4 celebration the city will be able to hold due to the COVID-19 separation policies, but there will be a celebration.

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