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Council member wants meeting

To the Editor:

At the regular city council meeting on Sept. 13 in the city hall building of Jenkins, Ky., I, City Councilman Terry Braddock, turned in a petition containing 326 signatures, asking the city council for a special meeting concerning citizens who think that the city is deliberately adding thousands of gallons of water to their bill not used by the customer, making it very difficult for so many people on fixed incomes who have less money to spend on necessary items for self-existence.

And this practice is taking money out of circulation and many business men and women are having to stretch their incomes just to stay in business.

Already Jenkins has lost a 36- year business, The Flower House, and also the TV Office said that after the first two weeks there were hardly any customers, making it impossible to keep open without taking a big loss. Jenkins has had a TV office open in Jenkins for 50 years.

Also, there are many empty buildings in Jenkins that could house a nice, small business, but they can’t take the chance of investing money in a new business within the City of Jenkins.

This fudging on water bills must stop, and it must stop now.

Also, the petition stressed that the City must answer for not paving streets, leaving many communities in shambles. I have seen very little work being done on those streets this year.

Many streets need paving and water run-off outlets cleaned and drained. The City, in the year 2010, has spent very little on road improvements.

I then presented the financial report for both 2009 and 2010, confirming that what I’m saying is true.

I made a motion to have a special meeting so the people could come and discuss these problems, and so the people can vent their concerns and the City could prove or disprove what these people are saying.

The motion died as there was no second to the motion.

The city council refused to listen to the citizens at a special meeting by 4-to-1 vote.

Note: Councilman Rick Damron was not present at this meeting.


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