Whitesburg KY

Councilman says work has not been authorized

To the Editor:

I want everyone in Jenkins to know that there have been many people telling me that Ked Sanders, who is on the Water Commission, has been seen on citizens’ property inspecting or working on water meters and telling people what they must do or pay concerning the water debacle.

Now I want to remind the citizens that Ked Sanders has no legal authority to be on your property or representing the City of Jenkins in any way. The Mayor has no legal authority to allow this to happen.

The city council could not even give him such authority. It is unconstitutional.

Remember, under the Constitution you the people are the government — not the governed — and elected officials must do your will. If not, vote them out. That’s the way it is in America. Stand your ground and let your opinions be know.

TERRY BRADDOCK Jenkins City Councilman

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