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Counterfeit money found here

Counterfeit $5 and $20 bills are turning up in Letcher County.

One person from McRoberts was arrested on May 15 by the Jenkins Police Department in connection with using fake bills in the Jenkins area.

Three counterfeit $20 bills and two $5 bills were recovered, said Jenkins Patrolman Jim Stephens. The fake bills were left at Wyatt’s Drive-In and Jenkins IGA. Another was given to a private citizen who called police because the bill looked suspicious.

Stephens declined to disclose the name of the person who was arrested, saying he anticipates more arrests will be made in the case that he says has out-of-state ties.

“We haven’t gotten the people who made it,” said Stephens. “We’ve just gotten the ones who are passing it.”

Stephens contacted the Secret Service and the serial numbers from the counterfeit bills have been registered.

Another person was arrested in Madison County recently for trying to use a counterfeit $20 at a Richmond McDonald’s. Stephens said the serial numbers on the bill found in Madison County and the ones found in Letcher County are similar.

“Turns out it was the same people,” he said.

Stephens said the Secret Service is expected to teach a class in Letcher County in the coming month about how to determine if a bill is counterfeit.

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