Whitesburg KY

County hikes set

The 2008 Mountain Heritage Festival Committee has scheduled three hikes over the next few months.

The first hike will take place June 21. Participants will meet Kyle Napier, Nature Preserves manager, at the entrance to Bad Branch Falls. This will be a slow hike as Napier discusses the plants, animals, geology, and history of the area. The group will leave the parking area of the falls at 10 a.m. and will return at 1:30 p.m.

To reach the parking area of Bad Branch Falls, from the junction of KY 15 and US 119 southeast of Whitesburg, follow 119 south eight miles. Turn left at the junction with KY 932, travel east for two miles to the gravel parking area on the left side of KY 932.

Hikes are also scheduled to Raven Rock on August 2 and to Lilley Cornett Woods on September 6.

For more information, contact Lee Ann Mullins at 633-9644.

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