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County lists preferences for severance funding

The Letcher County Fiscal Court this week adopted the following “Coal Severance Project Priority List” for the 2013-14 fiscal year, which begins next July 1. The recommendations may be changed by the Kentucky General Assembly.

1. Project B499, $150,000 (2013) for the Deane Water Project, Mill Creek Section.

2. Project B466, $50,000 (each year) City of Fleming Neon operations, improvements, maintenance and equipment.

3. Project B467, $150,000 (2013) and $100,000 (2014) City of Jenkins, operations, improvements, maintenance and equipment.

4. Project B468, $100,000 (each year) City of Whitesburg, operations, improvements, maintenance and equipment.

5. Project B470, Letcher County Recreation Center, $600,000 (each year) Debt Service, Operational and improvements.

6. Project B481, Road and Sanitation Departments $900,000 (each year), operations, improvements, maintenance.

7. Project B485, Letcher County Tourism, $110,000 (each year) operations, improvements, maintenance.

8. Project B492, Letcher County Airport Board, no allocation listed, New Airport, engineering, architectural, construction, land acquisition, operations, board member training.

9. Project B482, Letcher County Senior Citizens, $250,000 (each year) operations, improvements, maintenance.

10. Project B483, Letcher County Parks and Recreation, $175,000 (each year) operations, improvements, maintenance, and repairs.

11. Project B486, Letcher County Planning Commission, $25,000 (each year) project planning, engineering, and architectural.

12. Project 484, Letcher County Community Centers, $50,000 (each year) operations, improvements, maintenance, repairs.

13. Project 493, Letcher County Recreational Center, $150,000 (each year), operations, and maintenance.

14. Project B495, Letcher County Veterans’ Museum, $ 25,000 ( 2013) Museum at Whitesburg

15. Project B500, Letcher Fire and Rescue, $100,000 (2013) First Responder Truck.

16. Project B502 Letcher County Water and Sewer District, $165,000 (each year), Debt Service, operational, improvements.

17. Project B501, Letcher County Water and Sewer District,

$835,000 (each year) various water projects, operational, improvements.

18. through 27, Project B 471 – 480, Letcher County Volunteer Fire Departments, $20,000 each $200,000 total, 2013 equipment, supplies, operational, improvements, Jenkins, Colson, Gordon, Kingscreek, Mayking, Sandlick, Whitesburg, Fleming Neon, Letcher, and Cumberland River.

28. Project 469, Letcher County Board of Education, Letcher Elementary School, $25,000 (2013) school supplies.

29. Project 487, Letcher County Rangers and Pine Mountain Search and Rescue, $25,000 (each year) equipment, supplies, maintenance, operational and improvements.

30. Project B489, Domestic Violence Shelter, $50,000 (each year) supplies, operational, maintenance

31. Project 497, Kingdom Come Community Center, $12,000 (each year)

32. Project B498, Carcassonne Community Center, $25,000 (2013)

33. Project B490, Neon Fire Training Center, $100,000 (each year), debt service, operational, improvements.

34. Project B488, Letcher County Court Clerk, $25,000 (each year) equipment, supplies, operational, improvements

35. Project B491, Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office, $25,000 (each year) equipment, supplies, operational, improvements

36. Project B494, Cumberland Mountain Arts and Crafts Council, $30,000 (2013) building repairs, maintenance, equipment.

37. Project B496, Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital, $50,000 (each year) indigent care reimbursement.

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