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County Police Beat

Monday, July 1

• At 11: 36 a. m., the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office is notified that a body has been found in a small pond at UZ.

Tuesday, July 2

• At 4 p.m., a caller asks the sheriff ’s office to assign a deputy to conduct a welfare check at the home of a woman at Brandon Lee Road, Camp Branch. A check is conducted. Neighbors say they saw the woman earlier today, and that she is fine.

• At 5:32 p.m., a Craft’s Colly man calls the sheriff’s office to report the theft of a motorized scooter from his home at Walk Road. The caller has the serial number for the scooter, which he says was stolen last night or earlier today.

• At 5:45 p.m., a McRoberts woman calls the sheriff ’s office to complain about a woman entering her husband’s place of work and then following him on the road even though the couple have a restraining order that is supposed to prevent such behavior.

• At 6:13 p.m., an anonymous caller phones the sheriff ’s office to report a man they say stole doors from a home at 323 Crases Branch, Letcher, then sold the doors to a business located in the county.

• At 9:22 p.m., a male caller tells the sheriff ’s office he is in need of assistance, then hangs up the telephone. The address is identified by reverse lookup as a location near the top of Sandlick Mountain.

• At 9:55 p.m., a woman from George B. Branch, Cowan, reports her husband is drunk and threatening to kill her if she returns to their home. The woman said she is afraid her husband is planning to tell a lie on her that will result in her being removed from the home and her children taken from her. She said the husband told lies a year ago that resulted in her being involuntarily committed to a psychiatric center. She refuses to ask for an emergency protective order, saying her husband is behaving in this manner only because he is drunk.

• At 10:06 p.m., a man with a Virginia telephone number calls the sheriff ’s office to report he is on house arrest but is unable to make required contact because his home phone does not have a dial tone.

• At 11:24 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy attempts to serve a warrant at the home of a man who lives at 2555 Highway 931 North, Sandlick, but finds there is no such address. (There is an address of 2555 Highway 931 South, but it belongs to the Letcher County Recycling Center near Cowan.)

Wednesday, July 3

• At 12:37 a.m., a deputy arrests a woman at Harvest Drive, Jenkins. The woman is charged in two bench warrants from Pike County.

• At 2:27 p.m., a deputy sheriff is dispatched to Bad Branch Falls, between Oven Fork and Flat Gap, to unlock an automobile whose driver has locked the keys inside.

• At 3:16 p.m., a private investigator lets the sheriff ’s office know he will be in the Blackey area conducting an investigation. All law-enforcement officers are notified and told the make and model of vehicle the investigator is driving.

• At 4:23 p.m., the sheriff ’s office is notified of a single-vehicle traffic accident on Highway 931 North, Sandlick, involving a silver Mustang. A deputy responds, but is unable to locate the vehicle after driving all the way to Camp Branch.

• At 6:41 p.m., a deputy reports he has just been involved in the short pursuit of an all-terrain vehicle at Blair Branch, Jeremiah. The deputy identified the driver of the ATV as Tracy Adams, and said charges will be pursued.

• At 11:55 p.m., a woman from Violet Lane, Pine Creek in Mayking, complains to the sheriff ’s office that neighbors are shooting firecrackers into her front yard.

Thursday, July 4

• At 6:50 p.m., a caller who declined to be identified asks the sheriff ’s office to send officers to Bill Lewis Hollow, Kona, to arrest three men the caller says live there in separate homes. A quick investigation reveals that none of the three men are wanted for any type of crime or named in any warrants.

• At 6:53 p.m., a woman asks the sheriff ’s office to send a deputy to the Isom BP convenience store to unlock a white 1995 Honda Accord.

• At 6:54 p.m., a Cowan woman calls the sheriff ’s office to complain that someone has exploded what she believes to be TNT on Astor Fields Road. The woman said the explosion was not one associated with normal fireworks.

• At 9:21 p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy stops a vehicle in front of Pizza Hut, Whitesburg, after the car’s driver threw a beer can out the window while driving in front of another deputy who was traveling in his personal vehicle

Friday, July 5

• At 7:11 p.m., a Seco woman calls the sheriff ’s office to report her sister is on her way to Seco from Thornton after threatening to beat the caller up and damage her property. The caller said her sister threatened to kill her with a firearm or beat her to death with a blunt object. Two deputies respond to the call for assistance. One is making contact with the caller while the other is looking for a green Ford F-150 pickup in which the sister who made the threats is said to be traveling. After being unable to locate the truck, the deputy is called away to assist the Whitesburg Police Department with a traffic stop involving three males who may be wanted by authorities in Tennessee. The caller is later advised to contact the county attorney about the threats and to let the sheriff ’s office know if she hears from the sister again.

• At 8 p.m., the sheriff ’s office is contacted by Kentucky State Police Post 13, Hazard, concerning a report of a man with a high-powered rifle “messing around a home” at Bear Branch, Gilley.

• At 10:p.m., a sheriff ’s deputy is dispatched to Bo Fork, Cowan, to assist Kentucky State Police on a call concerning neighbors arguing.

• At 10:54 p.m., a Kingscreek man calls the sheriff ’s office to report a suspicious man is walking up and down the road at Lynn Branch. Extra patrol is assigned to the area.

• At 10:56 p.m., the sheriff ’s department is asked to assign extra patrol to Comet Drive, Sandlick, where a woman is having trouble with her ex-husband.

• At 10:58 p.m., an employee of Little Ceasar’s Pizza, Whitesburg, calls the sheriff ’s office to report what sounds like an alarm sounding from Jace Firearms, located near the restaurant. The call is referred to the Whitesburg Police Department. An officer investigates, but hears no alarm upon arrival.

• At 11 p.m., the sheriff ’s office receives a complaint about children shooting fireworks in the upper section of Alaska Avenue, Whitesburg. Police are unable to locate the would-be offenders.

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