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County sets, accepts tax rates

The Letcher County Fiscal Court voted unanimously to set the county’s property tax rates for the year and to accept new tax rates set by other local government agencies and special taxing districts in the county.

During a special meeting held Oct. 1, the court accepted its own rate, which is unchanged from the previous year’s rate of 10.9 cents per $100 assessment on real and personal property and 13.7 cents per $100 on motor vehicle and watercraft.

The court also voted to formally accept tax rates from other governments and special taxing districts in the county that set their tax rates with no input from the court.

Other tax rates accepted were:

• Letcher County Soil and Water Conservation District: real property, 1.2 cents per $100.

• Jenkins Independent Schools: real and personal property, 79.9 cents per $100; motor vehicle and watercraft, 69.0 cents per $100.

• Letcher County Health Department : 8 cents per $100 of assessed real and personal property, as well as motor vehicles and watercraft.

• Letcher County Public Library District: real property, 8.5 cents per $100; personal property, 12.52 per $100; motor vehicle and watercraft, 5.32 cents per $100.

• Letcher County Cooperative Extension Service: real property, 5.9 cents per $100; personal property, 9.7 cents per $100; motor vehicles and watercraft, 3 cents per $100.

• Letcher County Public School District: real and personal property,

50.9 cents per $100; motor vehicles and watercraft, 49.6 cents per $100.

In other business, the court voted unanimously to accept the 2012 Tax Settlement from the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office. Total tax collections for 2012 stood at $10,596,070, with the county government receiving a share of $1,108,952. Letcher County Schools received $4,603,571. The collection rate for 2012 was 98 percent.

The court also voted unanimously to authorize immediate funding of the Letcher County Court Clerk’s Office and the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office in the amount of $25,000 each. The funding is from the release of coal severance tax funds established in House Bill 205 and enacted by the 2012 General Assembly.

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