Whitesburg KY

County water, sewer workers will get $500 bonus pay again

Employees of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District will receive a little something extra in their Christmas stockings this year.

At the December meeting of the District’s Board of Directors, member Richard Carter made a motion to give each employee a $500 Christmas bonus and the board voted unanimously to approve the motion.

In other business, the board received an update concerning a Western Kentucky University architect who is performing a study on an alternative site for the Cumberland River Water Treatment Plant. Alan Bowman of Bell Engineering said the architect has reviewed the existing report and is now preparing a price quote for a study of the alternative site. He forwarded a copy of his evaluation to the board.

Bowman also told the board that the the Deane/ Abandoned Mine Lands Interconnect is on hold while awaiting National Environmental Policy Act approval.

A bid bond to provide water lines for Carbon Glow has been provided by Kingdom Coal and plans and specifications have been forwarded to the district for review. Upon completion of the district’s review, the plans and specifications will be forwarded to the Kentucky Department of Water. Bowman said he anticipates bids being let in February.

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