Whitesburg KY

County’s road aid fund of $1.18 million OK’d by fiscal court

Effective this month, Letcher County has just over $1 million to repair county roads and try to fix the worst of the road damage, although many of the worst potholes in Letcher County are on state highways.

The cold winters and use of salt on highways, combined with cutbacks in state funding for highways, has left many roads with dangerous pavement breaks.

At a special meeting called to finish the state road agreement before the end of the fiscal year, the Letcher County Fiscal Court voted unanimously to accept $1,183,374.20 in road aid money. The court also passed a resolution adopting and approving the execution of a County Road Aid Contract with the Department of Rural and Municipal Aid of the Commonwealth of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

The allotment will be distributed in three apportionments, with the first totaling $688,724. Three percent of each apportionment will be set aside in an emergency fund for emergency projects such as road and bridge damage.

The second allotment will be for as much as 30 percent of the apportionment and the final allotment will close out the final balance. All three apportionments are subject to the three percent deduction for the emergency fund.

Road aid funds are to be used by the county for construction, maintenance, and reconstruction of county roads as defined in Kentucky Revised Statutes. Each year, the fiscal court submits a list to the Department of Transportation identifying all county roads that state funds can be used to maintain.

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