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Mostly sunny

Couple to celebrate their 42nd anniversary on April Fool’s Day

Northeast Ohio

Howdy y’all, can you believe March is over? Today (Wednesday) is April Fool’s Day and also Billy Wayne and Redia’s anniversary. I always kid them about that, and say the reason they chose that date was if either changed their mind, they could say "it was just an April Fool’s Day joke".

Hope everyone had a good week and is feeling fit and sassy. We are still having cold weather with winds, rain off and on and a few snowflakes making an appearance.

It’s been kind of an uneventful week for us, though Red still has bad days and I’ve sort of been hobbling around since last Saturday. Think I almost broke a toe; it’s much better but I am still not able to wear shoes, just sandals outside and house shoes inside.

I talked briefly to another relative and I’m hoping she will call again. She lived here in Lorain. Her name is Della (Webb) Kincer and her grandfather, Archie Craft, and my grandmother, Siller (Craft) Sergent, were brother and sister.

Bill and Redia just stopped by and by asking I found out this is their number 42 anniversary. I have another April anniversary, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Roberts on the 12th.

And while sending out wishes, here’s a list of April birthdays: sister-in-law Johnell Sergent in Alabama on the 2nd; daughter of dear friend Gaynell, Regina in Indiana on the 9th; Joyce (Resor) Sergent; Miss Ricky of Lorain on the 10th; granddaughter Catharine (Engle) Taylor of Lorain on the 15th; Phillip Shortt in Pound, Va., on the 16th; daughter-in-law Valerie Engle of Lorain on the 17th; sister-in-law Jettie (Quillen) Sergent of North Ridgeville, on the 18th; good friend Milford Clark of Nova, and cousin Beulah Bentley of Jackson, on the 21st; dear friend Betty Wells of Means, on the 25th; on the 26th; my niece Kim (Goins) Brashears of McRoberts, and Red’s niece, Janet Bea (Engle) sorry I can’t remember her married name. Janet lives in Virginia. Wishing all of you a very special day, a long life and much happiness. When you are having your cake and ice cream, think of me and have a tiny bit more for me.

I just put a cake in to bake and Red just answered the phone. We are getting company, Richard and Georgia are on their way over. So I’m going to have to stop for a short while.

Red’s niece Lena (Hampton) Stallard of Pound, Va., called. She and her family are well but a brother, Ray Hampton of Maryland, is having all sorts of health problems. He has been on dialysis several years, has heart problems and various other ailments. Ray, we hope and pray you will get better soon and we love you.

Lena said it was rainy there but was warm. She said lots of people were getting their gardens out. Be awhile before we can even think about planting.

Richard and Georgia just left and Catharine must be working late so I seem to have some extra time. Enough to say hello to all you dear people to whom I really should write, but I’m still having a hard time getting things done. I’m thinking my get up and go got up and went. Maybe I just need a spring tonic. Anyone know of one that will cure what ails a person? Don’t think sulfur and molasses will work this time.

Have a good one, and enjoy the warm and sunny spring weather and stay well and happy. Love and prayers.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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