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Court agrees on $7.2 million budget

Letcher Fiscal Court has approved the second reading of the county’s proposed $7,237,189 operating budget for fiscal year 2017-18.

The court voted unanimously to approve the budget in a special meeting June 23 after Judge/Executive Jim Ward told magistrates the Kentucky Department of Local Government has approved the document.

The new budget, which is down $2.8 million from the $10.1 million budget the court approved just six years ago, has no carryover from the previous year’s budget. The General Fund will have total revenues of $2,968,401; the Road Fund will have revenue of $ 1,749,903, and the Jail Fund will total $1,110,232. The Local Government Economic Assistance Fund (severance tax) totals $1,404,653, and the Forest Fire Fund is $4,000.

General Fund expenses include $91,163 for the county judge/executive’s salary, which is mandated by state law, and $20,000 for the deputy judge. The salaries for the five magistrates will total $137,153. The largest expenses are utilities at $200,000, landfill operation and maintenance at $554,139.94, sanitation labor at $340,000, and insurance at $130,738. The largest revenue source for the General Fund is sanitation collections, at $1,100,000. Taxes on real property will bring in $600,000, personal property $110,000, and motor vehicle taxes will provide $200,000.

Debt service for road equipment in the Road and Bridge Fund is $305,000, and new road equipment is $290,000. Road workers’ salaries total $370,000 and magistrates’ expenses are projected at $18,000. Receipts from County Road Aid from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet are the largest source of revenue at $1,134,303. Surplus equipment sales will provide $273,000 and lease proceeds total $290,000. Truck licenses will bring in $202,500.

Salaries for deputies and matrons are the largest item on the Jail Fund expense list at $390,000 and food is next at $153,000. The jailers’ salary is $91,163 and the deputy jailer receives $45,000. Jail bed allotment at $115,700 and Housing Controlled Intake at $270,000 are the largest sources of income.

The LGEA Fund, which is grouped by project area, shows debt service for the Letcher County Recreation Center as the largest expense at $492,000 ($208,000 in principal and $284,000 in interest), and material and supplies at $300,000. Security, county police supplies, constable salaries, Civil Defense expenses, etc., total $149,305, and recreation, including tourism, parks, recreation center expenses and utilities, is $294,343. The Parks and Recreation Director’s salary is $38,000. The largest source of revenue for LGEA is $634,000 from coal production, with coal severance taxes for the Recreation Center at $600,000, and other mineral taxes at $420,000. Parks and Recreation receipts total $300,000.

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