Whitesburg KY

Court hearing set here for accused Lego thief

A preliminary hearing is set for Thursday for a man accused of being intoxicated while placing toy building bricks in his pants at a Whitesburg discount store.

James E. Penrod Jr., 51, of Jamestown, North Dakota, is charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place, second-degree disorderly conduct, shoplifting (less than $500), menacing, resisting arrest, third-degree assault of a police offi cer, third-degree criminal abuse, second-degree fleeing or evading police and tampering with physical evidence.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Scott Caudill was off duty at Walmart when he saw Penrod placing items from a torn Lego box down the front of his pants, according to a citation completed by KSP Trooper Donnie White. Caudill notified a Walmart employee and Penrod put Legos from another box in his pants, according to the citation.

While Caudill was shopping, he saw Penrod put small dolls in his jacket pocket, according to court documents. Caudill showed Penrod his off-duty KSP badge and Penrod became offensive, White wrote in a citation.

Caudill said Penrod had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage, according to the citation.

“Trooper Caudill stated subject said he had a watch, which he was going to buy but wasn’t sure if he wanted it now,” White wrote in the citation. “Trooper Caudill informed subject of what he had observed him doing and asked him to walk to a secure location. Trooper Caudill stated subject began to yell and curse loudly inside the store. While walking through the aisles [Penrod} attempted to place the dolls in the corner of one of the aisles.”

Caudill said he could hear Legos rattling inside Penrod’s pants when he walked, the citation said.

Penrod pushed Caudill with his hands, cursed loudly saying Caudill had no right to detain him and spit in Caudill’s face, according to the citation.

“Trooper Caudill stated he pushed subject back and told subject he was being detained,” White wrote in the citation. “Subject continued to make attempts to exit store despite being given commands to stop.”

Penrod is accused of stealing $58.10 worth of items to include three mini dolls priced at $2.47 each, a $29.84 Lego set, a $12.97 Lego set and a $7.88 men’s watch.

Preliminary hearing for Penrod is set for 1 p.m. on February 18.

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