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Mostly sunny

Cousins meet again after 30 years

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone.

Are you enjoying God’s coloring book? It is so beautiful in this area that it has sort of dimmed the longing to head for the mountains just a tad bite.

Now that I have just written my first line with a small lie, I will try to finish this column.

As I am writing this column there’s a slight breeze blowing, the leaves are flowing in the window. It is such a beautiful sight I believe this is as beautiful that I have seen in quite a few years in the area, however there’s nothing can take away the longing to head for the mountains I call home. I need to breathe the mountain air and feel the soil under my feet.

If the coronavirus doesn’t break, don’t be surprised that you read of me driving through and not stopping.

It has been an unusual few days for me.

Thursday, I met with two cousins that I haven’t seen in 30 years, Beverly and Linda Hollins, the daughters of Raymond and Marie Hollins. Raymond is the son of Harlan Hollins, who is a brother of Grandma Rosa Hollins Hall. Raymond left eastern Kentucky when he was young, and made a wonderful hardworking, self-made man.

Like myself, Raymond left and never went back. Mother and Raymond were raised together on Big Branch and were as close as brothers and sisters. Even though Raymond moved away the love and closeness were always in their heart.

That love was passed to me from Mom, as Jack and I used to go see Raymond and Marie when our children were small and were always made to feel welcome.

Linda asked me about my son Keith Ballard as Linda is a couple of years older than Keith. When they were children, evidently they got into a squabble outside. Keith must have hit Linda or something. Linda said Keith had a sunburn on his back and she hit him on his back. I guess Keith fell to the ground crying.

They must not have come inside to say anything as I have no recollection. When I mentioned it to Keith, there was nothing that Keith remembered either. Now we all know that females have a better memory. Sorry, guys. Now don’t quit reading my column.

Another cousin who is Mother’s sister Nora Gulley’s daughter, Sue Gilb, met Linda, Beverly and me.

We met at Grand Buffett, a Chinese restaurant at Lawrenceburg, Ind. I had never been to a Chinese restaurant before, as I don’t care about Chinese food. Everything looked very good, and the place was immaculate.

For us to meet there was an adventure in itself. I traveled from Ohio, which is about 12 miles, Linda and Bev were in Dillsboro, Ind., and Sue was in a different direction quite a distance, Rising Sun, Ind. I had a delightful bottle of Boost, while they enjoyed all the delicious looking food. After the girls were finished with their meal, we went to Greendale Cemetery. Sue’s and my grandpa Ben Adams, along with our uncle Fred and Mary Adams, Mary’s parents, and Sue’s parents Omer and Nora Gulley are buried a few feet away.

Farther in the cemetery Linda and Bev’s parents, Raymond and Marie Hollins, are buried. Greendale Cemetery is a beautiful, well-kept cemetery.

It was a wonderful day being with everyone. Linda lives in Arkansas. She only comes back to Indiana two times a year, in the spring and again in the fall. Needless to say I am thankful that Sue Gilb invited me to spend some time with every one.

Friday, I spent the day with my daughter, Kay Gray, as Kay had an errand to run so she called to ask me if I would like to go with her, then we would go have lunch at Panera Bread, as they have delicious broccoli cheddar soup that I love, and then we would go to the Antique Mall.

I do believe Kay invested in the Antique Mall, or maybe owns a small portion. We spent about three hours walking through the aisles of the mall. It was a good thing I had the shopping cart to hold on. Now my adventures didn’t stop there, although I was very tired when I came home.

Saturday, Beechwood Color Guard was performing at Mason, Ohio, a onetime performance for the entire school year. I had reservations to be in the mountains so once again I cancelled. My youngest daughter, Anna Nottingham, called asking me if I wanted to go watch Katelyn and the color guard. Now I wasn’t going to miss this.

I spent the entire day with Anna, starting early as we went to Christmas Store in Florence. They have such a wide selection through the entire year, and in September they bring out a large variety of Christmas decorations.

After an hour or so we went back to Anna’s then ventured to Rempke’s. Finally it was time to leave for the trip to Mason, Ohio. It was rather nice sitting in the back seat to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery. It sort of dimmed the yearning to head to the mountains I call home. Now I said sort of.

For me to travel Scott and Anna’s I go through three states, from, Ohio through a short span of Indiana, to Kentucky in less than 10 minutes. As I crossed the bridge into Kentucky my heart and feet wanted to keep driving. I said to Anna that I was tempted, actually Anna said if I wanted to go she would understand.

After Katie’s performance, as I stood up to leave, Kyle slipped past Scott and Anna, came to my side and took my hand, helping me down the steps, as Kyle continued to hold my hand. Kyle said, “Momma, I don’t want you to get trampled in this crowd.” I couldn’t hardly see to walk as my eyes filled with tears, Kyle is 10 years old.

The entire day was great as I spent time with Scott, Anna Jessica, Katelyn and Kyle.

Somehow I didn’t realize that Jessica got a four-year scholarship at Northern Kentucky University. Jessie has chosen music teacher as her career, along with becoming a Spanish teacher.

Her sister, Sarah Nottingham, was also recipient of a four-year scholarship at N.K.U. Sarah graduated college, then Jessie entered for her first year.

Sarah and Jessie are sharing a condo. Jessie is missing living with her parents, which really isn’t that far. The condo is closer to N.K.U.

As I said, the scenery was beautiful, the leaves here local are starting to rapidly fall as it is so dry. We are in the need of rain, yet that will end the beauty of God’s coloring book. To me, autumn is so beautiful, the only problem is it doesn’t last very long, then as I’ve written before from November until April is such a bleak time.

Oh yes, fresh fallen snow is so serene and beautiful, looking out your window from the inside of a warm home, but there’s so much danger with driving or even walking on ice. Did I say I dread winter?

2020 has been one year that will go down in history then someone will demand that it be changed someway. Our school system has some in school, then some online.

My grandson, Bennie Wiederhold, is doing online. He is having a difficult time as some of the teachers are rude and very impatient in the local school district.

Angie has talked to the principal, who was very nice and very understanding since he experienced ADHD himself when he was young.

I am so thankful my granddaughter, Jodi Gray Davidson, chose teaching and is the type of person who is a wonderful teacher. Jodi teaches special students, and is so patient. Instead of a 100 Jodi gives 200 percent of herself to her students.

Angie jumped in from the fire into the frying pan, moving from her previous apartment as she has the same problems, even worse. Someone is so inconsiderate to stand or sit by the door chain-smoking, then smashing the nasty cigarettes on the steps. The office talked to the person, so now the rude person is sitting in her car smoking, throwing the cigarettes in the parking lot and blasting the car radio in all hours of the night right under Angie’s window. Oh, am I ever thankful I own my home.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are doing very well. Ann really had a good birthday under the circumstances. Ann and Johnny sure get strange things from me as a gift. Johnny received a pone of cornbread for his birthday as Johnny loves milk and cornbread. I was lucky enough to go check a pawpaw tree, but didn’t see any, so I decided to shake the tree. A huge Pawpaw fell. Ann received fried apple pies and a pawpaw. Actually Ann celebrated her birthday for several days with different family members.

Hello Les and Pat Wagner, Polly Hasty and the whole Wagner clan.

Mike and Marcia Caudill, I hope 2021 finds Carcassonne Community Center opened, that is if God grants me the privilege to live that long. I hope to be enjoying a fire along your driveway before wintertime.

Buddy and Bernice Grubb, I really want to see you two, I hope this finds you doing alright.

Until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, OH 45030 email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com

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