Whitesburg KY


Springtime is a busy time of year

Memorial Day Weekend was a pretty busy time so I was unable to get my news ready.

We missed the VFW visit at our cemeteries this year but they are getting older and the hills are getting harder to climb. They know when it is time to give up. They were faithful to go for many years. It could be the only visit some graves ever had.

We had a good memorial service at the Hop Gibson Cemetery. The weather was really nice and there was a pretty good crowd. After the service we went to the Little Cowan Church and dinner was enjoyed by all.

Mr. Clifford Johnson, his son Jeff and family of West Virginia came down on Saturday to visit their family graves in the Caudill Cemetery. It was good to see them and we enjoyed their visit. His niece also came in from Louisville to visit the graves of loved ones and friends.

Eddie and Donna Pitts of Oklahoma came in this week. It is good to see them. They are visiting with Carl and Marsha Banks and their Aunt Elsie as always.

I am sure he misses his grandmother (my sister), the late Gladys Pitts, during his visits and other relatives who have passed away. We all miss them. He feels like a son to me.

Our cemetery looks nice. We appreciate our county judge for sending prisoners to clean it up. Not many over here are able to mow and climb the hills where the graves are located. They did a good job and we appreciate their help.

We are very sorry to hear that our neighbor, Leslie Sue Biggerstaff, had passed away. She was such a sweet person and will be sadly missed by her family and friends.

I don’t know the funeral arrangements. To know her was to love her.

Several enjoyed church at Little Cowan on Sunday and missed those who were unable to attend. Mrs. Jeanette Day had to have her foot amputated for health reasons. She always came to church when she was able.

Springtime is a busy time of the year. You see many things that need to be done. The fruit got killed by the late frost and not very many have gardens. I guess mowing is the biggest job. The trees are pretty and green and it’s a pretty time of the year.

Kay Amburgey, of Lexington, is enjoying a nice visit with Carl Bennett and Marsha Banks. I enjoyed visiting with them Sunday afternoon after attending church at Little Cowan.

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