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Cowan Community Center receives grant from Berea College Appalachian Fund

For the second year, Cowan Community Center has received a $8,000 grant from the Berea College Appalachian Fund. This fund was established through a gift from Herbert Faber and Ruth McGurk Faber. Since 1950, the fund has supported nonprofits working to improve the general education, health and physical well being of people living in the Appalachian Mountains and surrounding areas. The Cowan Center, as a result of having received these funds, has become an official affiliate of Berea College and the Brushy Fork Institute.

The grant will be used to improve, expand, and enhance ongoing efforts of Cowan Community Center’s Youth Programs. The affiliation allows the center to send representatives to the annual Brushy Fork Institute to learn about community development for this region. Last year Carol Ison, Cowan’s director, and her husband, Kendall Ison, attended the Institute. For more information, contact Carol Ison at (606) 633-3187.

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