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Cowan community saddened by death

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hope all had a good week.

Our community was saddened again this week. Michael Douglas Rayburn, 62 years old, died on Dec. 13. He was a son of Hazel Rayburn and the late Earl Rayburn. He will be missed very much by the community.

His mother, Hazel, really needs our prayers as she had just gotten out of the hospital before this happened, and is very weak.

Remember Terry and the rest of the family. They have all lost so many family members in the last two years.

When we were all young, all of us girls thought he was the ‘hottest’ boy on Cowan, but most of us were related to him. He grew up to be a good-looking teenager and a good-looking older man. He will be truly missed.

My heart and prayers go out to the shooting victims in Newtown, Conn. People are getting so evil and so many innocent lives were lost because of one crazy person. It will take a long time for the families to get through this tragedy — if ever .

Well, on a good note, all my tests for my heart and my two-day stress test came back normal, thank God. The doctor added a new blood pressure medicine and cholesterol medicine for prevention. With my family history of heart attacks, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, it is better to be safe and not sorry.

Keep me in your prayers. My nerves have been bad for the last two or three weeks.

George Allen Adams will be 61 on Dec. 24. Happy birthday, young man.

Charlie Miles will be 69 on Dec. 25. Happy birthday, young man, to you also.

Dasia Rae Fields will be 17 on Dec. 26. Happy birthday to a beautiful young lady who happens to be my great-niece. She is a granddaughter of Archie and Margaret Fields of Cowan and Lucille Collins of Indiana.

Colton Gabriel Trent Whitaker will be six years old on Dec. 29. Happy birthday, little man. He is a son of Amber and Brad Jackson and Junie Whitaker.

My sister-in-law, Margaret Pack Fields, will be 55 on Dec. 29. A very happy birthday to her.

Lots of Christmas dinners parties and churches, etc. are having functions. Try to be at one of them.

I know Jesus is the reason for the season. I am thankful for that — otherwise I do not enjoy Christmas as much as I did when my kids were little and my parents were alive, and now my grandkids being so far away. I guess I will be an old Scrooge. Ha! Ha!

Well, I guess I will go for now. All have a safe and happy week. Keep everyone you know in prayer.

Until next time.

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