Whitesburg KY

Cowan has a community-wide yard sale

Linda and Melinda Lucas, Aiden and Mason all spent a week in Destin, Fla., enjoying the beautiful snow white beaches and shopping. This was before the oil spill reached the Destin shores.

Upon returning to Tennessee, Linda drove to Advance, N.C., and stayed several weeks with Beth and Keith Callahan, Katie and Kenzie. She went with them for a week in Myrtle Beach.

Marilyn Banks, Gwen and Mattie Handlon spent a weekend on Cowan. Also, Mason Lucas visited his nana, Linda Lucas, that weekend.

Linda Lucas, Beth Callahan, Katie and Kenzie, Zack Vogler, Katerine Cassidy and Megan Callahan all spent the July 4 weekend with Jonathan and Melinda Lucas and their boys in Kingsport, Tenn.

Clayton Banks and Katie spent the week in North Carolina. They enjoyed the week and arrived home safely.

Jill Kent visited with J.T. and Carol Caudill on the Fourth of July. They ate with John and Barbara Banks that afternoon. Rusty Akers barbecued chicken. Everyone present enjoyed the food and the good company.

Robert and Sherrie Brown and the boys spent the Fourth of July with Stephen and Linda Brown. They went to Blountville, Tenn., for the parade with Stephen, Brittney, Mitchell and sons, and Andrea Barrett and her children. They had a wonderful time.

All of the boys enjoyed seeing the firetrucks and the band. Stephen fixed some good hamburgers and hotdogs afterwards. A good time was enjoyed by all.

Mae Boggs had her family in for the Fourth. There were a lot of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They all enjoyed being together. They hope to get together again the first of September. It was sad for some when they all left. Some had come in on Friday and the last one left on Monday evening. Mae thanks God that everyone got back home safely.

A baby shower was given on Saturday for the baby boy of Kevin and Denise Brown. They are expecting next month. There were a lot of people attending and they received many items for the baby.

Yvonne Brown Sutphin is visiting her sister Linda Combs and family. She attended the Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church last Sunday.

Happy birthday wishes to Brenda Boggs of Dry Fork and Richard Brown of Ice.

Tori Akers, a daughter of John and Barbara Banks, and her daughters, Callie and Ella, have visited relatives on Cowan for the last two weeks. The visit ended with a marshmallow roast Saturday night with neighbors and friends attending. Everyone enjoyed the ‘smores.’

Cowan had a community wide yard sale last Saturday. Everyone had fun visiting as they shopped. Hopefully, this will become a tradition. Thanks, Betty and Patsy!

We are happy that Earl Profitt is able to be back at Letcher Manor after having both arms straightened and reset at Holston Valley Hospital. We are also glad to hear that Delmar Fields is getting diff erent treatment in Pikeville and is feeling better. Please continue to pray for these fine men.

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