Whitesburg KY

Cowan Homemakers planning gardens


From Linda Combs: a belated happy birthday on Nov. 20 to Arminta Ison Jenkins of Texas. Also, birthday wishes to Jessica Boggs and her grandmother, Lillian Boggs of Dry Fork.

Bennett Combs’s brother, Watson of Louisville, and sister, Elizabeth Looney of Ohio, visited with Bennett and Linda. They all went to the holiday bazaar at the Extension Office and really enjoyed it.

Happy birthday to Elizabeth’s daughter, Beth.

Bennett and Linda Combs ate Thanksgiving dinner with their son, David and Jennifer Combs. Also there were Jennifer’s father, Danny Adams, brother Joe and niece Michelle, her husband and baby.

Hello to Don and Dana Walker of Naples, Fla. Our prayers are with you.

The Cowan Homemakers met at the community center for a good pot uck Thanksgiving meal with Ruth Shackleford as hostess. They were happy to have Ann Bradley with them.

They are looking forward to and planning their spring gardens. As an expression of their thankfulness, they made a donation to the Food Pantry.

Clinton Banks, a son of Clayton and Katie Banks, had his second birthday Nov. 17. His party was held at Cowan Community Center. Lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends attended his party.

Clinton got lots of presents, but his favorite seemed to be a fish bowl and goldfi sh from his aunt and uncle, Kathy and Robert Sword. Clinton named his goldfish ‘Fish Banks.’

John and Barbara Banks had all of their children and grandchildren for Thanksgiving. They had a very happy holiday.

Carol Caudill had Jill, Cara and Rebecca Eskew for Thanksgiving. They all cooked together and had a really nice day.

Duane and Anna Yonts had 16 of their family members for Thanksgiving. Some of them stayed a few days. They enjoyed hiking to Bad Branch Falls and High Rock. Grandma got to baby-sit — one of her favorite things.

Saturday, Virginia Brown had a good Thanksgiving dinner and a good visit with a bunch of her children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

Also on Saturday, Pork Chop and Bacon became pork chops and bacon and ham and sausage and lard, etc. They were butchered by Randy Brown and Jerry Ingram with the help of their sons and friends.

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