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Coy Morton hospitalized in Lexington


BROTHER AND SISTER -  Brenda and Jackie Absher, children of Chester and Iva Absher, are pictured in this Marlowe School picture from 1955-56.

BROTHER AND SISTER – Brenda and Jackie Absher, children of Chester and Iva Absher, are pictured in this Marlowe School picture from 1955-56.

Hello, everyone, hope you are all doing well.

Are you ready for my exciting news? Sorry. I just write it like it is.

Raleigh Williams told me he won the longest drive of the LCC Cougars football golf tourney. That’s exciting. Good job, Raleigh! He’s my insurance man and also a friend. Coach Hillard Howard wants to thank him for all his support of the Cougars.

Also, Annabell Wright, congratulations on winning the queen of Golden Girls at the Relay for Life. I didn’t get to go and didn’t know about it till I saw her picture in The Eagle. You looked pretty, Annabell! I’m glad you won. You are a good friend.

Our good friend, Coy Morton, is in the VA Hospital in Lexington. He’s very sick and needs everyone’s prayers.

I attended a shower for Andrea Barker of Pikeville at the Red Roof Bingo. It was good seeing all the people and helping eat the delicious food. She will be marrying my grandson, Jonathan “Jump” Hatton, on June 21 at Billy and Sandra’s lake house.

Iva (Absher) Cheatham is here visiting from Somerset. I haven’t had a chance to see her yet. My life is so hectic. I don’t get to see my friends like I would like to.

My sons, Rob and Billy, and I enjoyed having dinner with Eva Sergent and her niece and nephew of Lexington at Pine Mountain Grill.

I heard from Barbara Stidham again. She was trying to reach people for the Whitesburg High 50-year reunion. I thought she told me many of them had passed away. I misunderstood. She said she didn’t think many of them had passed away. When you pass 38 like me, you have a hard time understanding and remembering.

I did find out more about her. She lives in Charlestown, Ind. I told her one of my sisters once liked there. It told her it was Kathleen and Wayne Miles. She said she knew the late Frank Miles. I told her he was my cousin and then she told me her husband was Darrell Stidham. I told her his dad, the late Arthur Stidham, saved my the life of my dad, the late Bill Howard, who was covered by a rockfall in the mines and was expecting more to come down. Arthur broke up the rock and carried my dad out to safety all by himself. We were all grateful to him and never forget it.

I had some more company on Friday from around Somerset, formerly Marlowe neighbors, Iva (Absher) Cheatham and her two grownup children, Jack “Jackie” and Brenda. They invited me out to eat and I said let’s just eat at my house and let you meet some of my family, my dog Jazzy, my cat Tweety Bird, and of course little Anna Bell. They were surprised that she knew her name and answered “ba ba!” to us.

Emma Lou Engle, are you sure you were talking about me? It sure sounded good. Thank you, you are a good gal.

My son, Billy, and Sandra have gone to their lake house, I guess getting everything all ready for their son’s wedding on June 21. Jonathan “Jump” Hatton and Andrea Barker will be getting married there.

We offer our sympathy to all the families who have lost loved ones, Charlie Brown, Frank Corrello, Jimmy Fields, J.T. Ward, and Orbin Thomas.

I have some more for the lost and found. Ann Mason is trying to locate Carl Pigman (not Dr. Pigman) who once lived in Whitesburg. They will be having their 58th Whitesburg School reunion. If anyone knows his whereabouts or if he reads this, tell him to get in touch with Ann. I didn’t find out when the reunion will be.

I got a call from Eugene Gilliam in Morristown, Tenn. He used to be Coy Morton’s neighbor in Whitco. He wanted to find out about Coy. He gets The Eagle so he didn’t ask any questions about me or my family. He already knows that. Guess I tell it all. He said he was out of a large family and there were seven of them living, all in their 70s. That’s a blessing! I know some of them.

Anna Mae Cook called me some time back and said the Benny Sexton family reunion would be on June 24. I don’t think she told me where it would be.

I talked with Pearl Noble. She wanted to know when I would be going to see Sara and Clarence Ison. She would like to go. I’m sure they would be pleased to see you! I love going there, I just don’t get to go visit anyone much anymore.

I’m sure this week’s news sound crazy. I have written it on about three days, a little at a time.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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