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Coyotes have been seen on Cowan


We are enjoying this pretty fall weather. There has still been no frost, giving people plenty of time for their fall chores. The frost seems to be holding off pretty well. We are thankful we didn’t get any real bad storms this year. I think it was a good season. The mowing season will soon be over. We are blessed with four seasons. I love them all. About the time you get used to one, a new one comes.

Elder Brad Dutton and his wife, Annie, attended church at Little Cowan on Sunday. It’s always good to see them. I missed our good friends, Orville and Lela Collier. Hope they will get able to come back again soon and all the others who were unable to attend.

I enjoyed a nice call from our nephew, Charles Pitts Jr., in Tennessee. He said Juanita had already been sick with the flu. She was feeling better. She got an early start.

Elizabeth Fairchild enjoyed a nice visit when several of her cousins came by during their visit to Kentucky last week.

My niece, Janice, and her husband, Ron Wolod, came in for a visit at their place on Cowan and to visit with relatives. It’s always good to see them. Hope they had a safe trip home.

We sure are needing rain. Our creek is almost dry. People are concerned their water systems will dry up. The river is very low. We have four families on one well and so far there has been plenty of water.

Several people on Cowan have been seeing coyotes. I saw one in our cemetery. They may be looking for water.

Marsha Banks has been visiting with Kay in Lexington and Missy Crovetti and family in Chicago. Carl Bennett and I have been keeping things going while she is gone. Feeding a few cats and birds isn’t much of a job.

Most everyone is busy with the usual things going on. Not as many of our relatives come in as often since their parents passed away and we miss them.

We are proud of the young man who joined the church at Little Cowan. He is planning to be baptized in the Mill Pond near our home.

My mother, the late Annie Vermillion Caudill, was the first one we know of that was baptized there. There have been a number of others since then. The late G. Bennett Adams, who was well known in his day, baptized my mother. A large number were present for the occasion. Most of them are gone now. It is a pretty waterfall. It came a bad storm after my mother was baptized and many people stayed and spent the night, both young and old. I remember the late Aunt Susan and Uncle Bill Banks, Little Polly, Opal Hall, Lyndsey Polly, Veltie Dixon and others besides our family.

Aunt Susan helped my mother cook. Aunt Susan also had her little granddaughter, Ardell Banks, who died very young, with her. My mother said Aunt Susan was very handy in the kitchen like she was home. People had plenty to eat. They had their own meat, chicken, eggs, and all kinds of jelly, apple butter, and good things to eat. We always had honey and our own bees.

People really had a good time. You didn’t have to have an invitation to come. They always had a lot of their own food.

My mother was a wonderful cook. She was also very particular about her cooking and washing the dishes. They didn’t have Clorox but she used boiling water. Her fruitcake took the prize.

My father, the late Hiram Caudill, was always telling her how pretty she was. He would say, “Mother, there has never been another woman bragged on as much as you.” She would say, “Oh, hush, Hiram,” but enjoying every minute. We had a good life

and were blessed in many ways.

They both passed away peacefully ~ at home. My father is a good example of a good father and husband. We Penas were blessed to have them both. We have many happy memories of the past down to the present time. Many of our loved ones are gone but not from our hearts and we are thankful for the memories.

An impromptu reunion occurred Thursday when several cousins met for a potluck dinner at the home of their Aunt Virginia Brown. Thelma and Glennon Ison of Flemingsburg, Janice and Ron Wolod of Maryland, Minerva and Russell Yonts of Indiana, Anna and Duane Yonts of Cowan, Doris Banks, also Virginia’s son, Randy Brown, Jason and Amanda Brown, were there. There was much good food, conversation, reminiscing and laughter.

The first week of October, the Eastern District Association of Primitive Baptists met at the Pilgrim’s Rest Church at Rogersville, Tenn. All the business meetings went smoothly and it was a wonderful time of worship and fellowship. Over 25 attended from the Little Cowan Church. On Saturday afternoon, they returned rejoicing, bearing the tent, tables, chairs, etc., in a furniture truck and three pickup trucks. The trailer kitchen is expected to arrive this week. We are looking forward to an exciting year of preparing for and serving the Association in October 2008.

The Cowan Homemakers met last week at the Cowan Community Center. They enjoyed a good lunch and learned to make decorative gift boxes.

Belated happy birthday to Callie Finchum and her father, Michael, and to Christine Crawford on Oct. 2 and to her son, Jacob Cornett, on Sept. 29.

Happy birthday to Bennett Combs’s sister, Elizabeth Looney of Franklin, Ohio, on Oct. 20, and an early birthday wish to Bennett and Linda Combs’s grandson, Robert B. Crawford of Mt. Vernon.

Get well wishes and prayers to Robby Crawford.

Linda Combs is good to give me their family news. Her grandmother, the late Siller Brown, wrote for The Mountain Eagle for many years.

Hope everyone has a nice week. Love and best wishes to all.

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