Whitesburg KY

Craft is thankful for his recovery

Whitesburg Mayor James Wiley Craft, who has been treated for cancer for the past several months, says he’s back and ready to get to work.

Tiffany Craft, who is married to the mayor, announced last week that he is out of the hospital and cancer free. Mayor Craft said Tuesday that so far, that’s true. Doctors saw no cancer when they did a scan last week, he said.

“I want to thank all the prayer warriors I had who were praying daily for me, and I want to thank God for what He did, without whose hand, it would not have happened,” Craft said.

During the city council’s March meeting, Craft set out an ambitious plan for new water tanks, a splash pad at the city pool, new waterlines and more work on the historic Daniel Boone Hotel.

“We kind of laid those out last meeting night, but we’re just going to take one at a time and go from there,” Craft said.

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